1. B

    2001 CLK 320 rag top.cental locking

    Hi all and happy new year. I went to lock my clk last night the lights all flashed as they should but the doors did not lock. The boot locked and when i opened the door the alarm went off. So i locked the door with the small key . It opend ok with the fob but i could here a slight noise coming...
  2. B

    CLK rag top, boot opening

    Hi i wounder has anyone had this issue, I pulled my CLK out of the garage Today went to open the boot so that i could charge up the battery. But the boot would not open tried to open fron control in car but no go would not open with the small key. So i put the roof down. And then tried and it...
  3. nick mercedes

    bradford rag and bone men

    Went to Bradford today, in a very short space of time saw 3 lots of pikeys with horses and carts collecting scrap, and noticed loads of ponies on verges etc. What's that all about then? Not enough stolen new Transit tippers to go around?
  4. T

    Clk rag top what to erxpect

    Having given up 2 wheels I fancy a rag top for a second car. A good bike would cost me £8000.00 or so so for that money what should I expect. Petrol Auto a must as the E 270 CDi is the daily driver.
  5. C

    AMG rag top - what's it worth

    Hi, My mother in law is thinking of selling her AMG convertible 51 plate E class. the car is maintained bya non MB garage the colour is silver it looks good no panel damge and the interior is leather, it is an auto. I am interested as I think it would be fun but I have heard of problems with...
  6. ckember

    toe rag Mother F*****s

    :mad: :devil: :crazy: :( Been away on a buisness trip and parked the beloved merc in PinkElephant at Heathrow, On return today found the image below greeting me. They took the command 2 head unit and 6 disc player from the glove box. Police had already been and tried to finger...
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