1. J

    Roof Rails for Vito SWB

    Morning could anyone point on the right direction to get some chrome roof rails for my Vito? I have a leak in roof and suspect it is from one of the blanked off holes in the roof so though I might as well get some roof rails and some marine grade silicone to fix then. Plus I can tie my...
  2. mpc

    C250 W204 - Chrome Roof Rails - Cleaning?

    Does anyone have any tips how to get a shine back on the chrome roof rails. Over the years they have obviously deteriorated with weathering/tree sap/contaminents. Any tips on how to clean up again?
  3. KoFidee

    roof rails vito

    looking for genuine roof rails for compact w639 panel van new best place or like new condition
  4. D

    Vito roof rails question

    Hi, I am a newbie to this forum, I am trying to fit some roof rails to my 2005 long wheel base vito, the roof rail uses 4 attachment points for each rail, the front two are fine, threaded attachment points there nice and ready but the middle and rear points have a plastic cover and then a...
  5. D

    W639 Viano Central Double Floor Runners/Rails

    I managed to source a pop-up table for my Viano but I later discovered (annoyingly) that my car doesn't have the double central runners, it just has the two pairs for the seats.. :doh: I know its a long shot but has anyone ever retro fitted the double runners as I'm wondering if it requires...
  6. H

    Will W126/W201 manual front seat rails fit W114 Coupe?

    I'm looking for manually adjustable Mercedes seat rails to fit in order to bolt very early Recaros onto. From what MB model would be a closest fit? Perhaps with some modification needed...? /johannes
  7. M

    Cleaning Roof Rails

    My roof rails on my C Class Estate (2009) are looking very drab with lots of water marks. Is the a way of cleaning them so they look and stay nice and shiny? Or is it a case of just polishing them with something?? Many thanks. Mark.
  8. Del80y

    s204 Roof Rails

    Looking at doing a gloss black vinyl roof on my C220 Estate once I get the windows done .. How hard is it to remove the roof rails for a better finish on the vinyl Have done roof vinyls before so know what I have to do Many Thanks
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    Genuine Mercedes Alustyle Roof Bars for E Class Estate S211

    Listed on ebay: Alustyle Roof Bars | Mercedes E Class Estate S211 | Rack Rails like Thule | eBay Genuine Mercedes-Benz "Alustyle" Roof Bars. Suitable for the Mercedes E-Class Estate (S211 model) manufactured between 03/2003 and 10/2009. ** ESTATE MODELS ONLY - not suitable for saloons **...
  10. bennesspipers

    Wanted - Roof rails for my W202

    Anyone got any cluttering their garage up ? I need these so i can then fit roof bars & box.
  11. J

    removing w202 estate roof rails

    Just wondering if the roof rails on my 1998 c250 estate can be easily removed. I know on our alfa 156 estate the ends clip off so you can easily undo the bolts holding it onto the roof. Cheers
  12. P

    W204 roof rails and roofbox

    Please get in touch if you have or know of anything which may be of interest. Thanks Phil
  13. Cooky

    Roof rails White misting

    Anyone else had this problem Only really noticeable on close inspection but a lot of the silver work I.e. roof rails and window surrounds have white misting on them MB claiming outside influence is the cause and not claim able under warranty. I only ever use auto glum products on my cars so...
  14. developer

    New Focus ST - it handles like it's on rails.

    Due to it's ultra low profile tyres.......
  15. ringway

    Sprinter Garment Carrier Rails (Many other uses).

    I no longer require the heavy-duty garment carrying rails that came with my Sprinter van. The rails (overlocking type to hold items in place) are most suited to carrying garments, but once installed correctly can be used to hang or store almost anything regardless of weight (they'll hold my...
  16. nick.ged

    manual 124 seat rails?

    anyone got a set of the above available?
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    190 with roof rails

    Never seen a saloon with roof rails before?! 1984 MERCEDES 190 DIESEL on eBay (end time 03-Jan-10 16:34:04 GMT)
  18. U

    Roof Rails

    How do you fit roof rails to a 96-03 Vito
  19. R

    Pre/ post facelift W210 roof rails - a subtle difference

    Hello, This is just for info to save you any hassle, as experienced by me today... I have a E300TD estate pre-facelift. Last yr I bought a set of genuine MB roof rails from ebay, and very good they have been too. My father has a post-facelift W210 estate and needed to move some ladders, I...
  20. K

    W163 Roof Rails

    Does anyone know where to get the silver roof rails for the ML?? I have seen them once on the Brabus. Would they be difficult to replace?? Thanks
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