1. Markssl

    Rain sensing wipers

    Just having a new screen fitted. Tipped water on sensor to check it worked and nothing happened. Do they only work when car is moving? Worked fine before. It's a 2008 E320cdi. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Q

    W124 rain leak

    I have a 92 E300 wagon. When parked facing downhill in the rain the rear carpet underneath the drivers seat (left hand drive) gets wet, but when facing uphill stays dry.All door and sunroof seals look good so assuming a drain channel is blocked. Any leads on discovering location/routing of any...
  3. S

    Slk 172 rain sensing wipers

    Hi does anyone know if you can retrofit rain sensing wipers to a 2014 slk. I have a correct rain/light sensor to replace the light only sensor but need to know if it can be coded/ programmed to the car. Thank You
  4. Trickythemerc

    Rain sensing wipers fixed

    Having put up with the erratic wipers for two years and convinced myself it was the sensor :fail I decided to change the wiper blades,even though they were clearing the screen well enough just a bit of chatter now and then. So a pair of Bosch aerotwins of amazon for £22.00 and of I go to...
  5. Z

    Misfire/Hesitatation/just not firing after rain

    2001 ML320 V6 Hi guys, as above, after a period of rain when the car is parked, and i drive away, its very lumpy and seems like its misfiring, after a while the car shoots forward like i hit the NOS button!! After much reflection and a trip to my local garage who reads the codes, it appears...
  6. A

    Beading rain

    Tippical just finished waxing the car and the heaven open :devil:
  7. Z

    Misfire after rain

    Hi Guys, got a ml 320 2001, and this annoying little problem. After a rainstorm, when i start it up it runs pretty poorly, when feeling the Exhaust it is a definite thump thump thump.. signs of a misfire? feels like it when driving.. Also if i stop and check exhaust its still the same. But, if i...
  8. S

    Rain Sensor

    I've had it confirmed that my SLK doesn't have the windscreen rain sensor module fitted. I was hoping it was present but not active. Does anyone know what is involved in fitting the module, is it a DIY job and price please? Cheers, Steve.
  9. E

    rain neutralising shampoo and high pressure washers

    This maybe a silly question, as I've recently purchase an Eclass with starguard. However now that i will be washing the car, can i use the after care products like rain neutralising shampoo with high pressure washers, or should i stick to a bucket and sponge? Answers & advice please as i'm a...
  10. P

    W211 rain sensor issue

    Seems to work intermittently Any way of testing it? How easy to remove/replace eBay ones are saying the replacement will need coding Thanks in advance
  11. F

    W18 CLS - Rain sensing wipers

    The rain sensing wipers are temperamental and have two speed settings that can be selected on the indicator stalk and I have done the usual cleaning the sensor on windscreen/entire windscreen etc. to no avail. My question is on Star can the sensitivity levels be adjusted and if so then what...
  12. brucemillar

    No rear lights in heavy rain.

    I drove from North Kent to Brighton and back today. M20, M26. M25, M23. The weather was shocking with monsoon rain and spray reducing the visibility to just a few yards in places. So why is it that so many cars (and I mean loads of them) had no rear lights on? They had front lights on –...
  13. brucemillar

    No rear lights in heavy rain.

    I drove from North Kent to Brighton and back today. M20, M26. M25, M23. The weather was shocking with monsoon rain and spray bringing the visibility down to just a few yards in places. So why is it that so many cars (and I mean loads of them) had no rear lights on? They had front lights on...
  14. D

    W203 Cdi 220 sports had rain sensors?

    Hi, 2006 Cdi 220, can someone please tell me how I can check if my car has rain sensors? I've attached a pic of the sensors on the windscreen for ref.
  15. pmcgsmurf

    W211 Climate Control Display Dim - Rain / Light Sensor Fault ?

    Hi I have a weird fault on the W211. The LED display for the climate control will sometimes be bright, other times it's very difficult to read. There seems to be a fault with the Auto windscreen wipe too. They wipe once when starting but don't go if I spray water over the sensor on the...
  16. D

    E211 Boot lid drips when open after rain

    After its been raining, when I open the boot on my E211, water drips from the corners into the boot area. Its not just one or two drips, its a consistent dripping. I guess that water is getting trapped in the panel somewhere as there appears to be a sort of foam mesh in what I assume to be...
  17. L

    A209 rain sensor too sensitive

    I have a 2006 CLK 280 Conv. When the wipers are set to auto mode all it takes is the slightest drizzle and the wipers go mental operating at full speed. Is there any way the sensitivity can be adjusted, I drive a Mercedes lorry at work and this is doable through the menu settings. Many...
  18. Reggie-rock

    Driving a convertible in the rain with the roof down.

    This must of happened to someone. Driving down the motorway on a warm day with the roof down and 20 miles to the next junction when the sky's open unexpectedly. I have noticed that in the war films the high ranking German officers usually have the convertible roofs down whatever the weather.
  19. R

    Windscreen crack - rain sensor query

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and haven't been able to find an answer to my query so apologies if this has already been asked before! I have a C180 AMG sport and recently my windscreen has cracked. My insurance company will replace this (through autoglass), with an excess fee of £100. What I'm...
  20. M

    W211 Rain Sensor and Light Sensor seems deactivated

    Hello, I have a 2005 w211 e320 CDI My car has recently had the rain and light sensor stop working. The wipers on the first setting work like any other cars, like once every 5 seconds, and the automatic headlight setting (first position) simply is always on. The command navigation is always...
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