1. I

    Over the rainbow detailing

    Anybody used them / recommend them? They are on the A406 right next to the Ace cafe.

    Rainbow do Top Gear!!!

    PMSL:D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152755429345521
  3. bh13coupe

    W124 speakers rainbow IQ230-231182

    Guys I need to bin the crappy speakers in the dash on my w124 coupe, doing some digging online and it seems the rainbow IQ-231182 are the one that drop straight in without surgery to the dash. has anyone fitted these and can pass on any experieience when removing the grills and more...
  4. J

    Rainbow KX120 speakers for W124

    Since I'm selling my car, I'm also selling these speakers which I ran as part of a little sound system. They are Rainbow KX120 2-way units which are specifically designed to drop straight in to the standard dash speaker locations of the W124 E-Class with no cutting or modification of the dash...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Anyone remember Rainbow Drops?

    Well it seems they're back. I remember them being in teeny packets, even though I was teeny myself at the time. Not to worry though as the price tag was equally weeny!! IIRC 6p per packet at the time. One packet simply wasn't enough!! They now come in a much much bigger packet...
  6. tlzeebub


    I'm old enough to remember this but wasn't old enough to find it funny, until now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_xwl0ph67o sorry if it's been posted before
  7. BlackC55

    Rainbow '80s kids show (rude version)

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mKVLEiE2Qs4 Made me laugh so much
  8. F

    Rainbow speakers

    i am looking to upgrade the speakers with direct replacement rainbow speakers, what i would like to firstly is what is the quality like as they are pretty dear? the other question is these speakers seem to have huge magnets underneath them so will they fit without modifying front dash or rear?
  9. L


    Classic kids TV:devil: ;) http://www.veryfunnydownloads.com/funnyvideos/RudeRainbow233.html
  10. Tan


    Hi This is funny...you will need sound http://rainbow.arch.scriptmania.com/rainbow_tv_episode.html Thank Crunchie its Friday Regards Tan
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