1. U

    Tidworth Mercedes Specialist Rainham Essex

    Has anyone has experience with Tidworth Mercedes Specialist Rainham Essex RM15.? Ive had a few people recommend them.. interested to hear if anyone has used them or heard anything about them...
  2. jadefox

    MB Service Centre in Rainham Kent

    Anyone know of a service specialist who deals with MB in Rainham/gillingham (kent) or close by? I may use the official service centre because they are excellent, I had to go in there today to get my turbo pipe fixed and they were absolutely faultess in their customer service, but the labour was...
  3. C240Sport97

    How good is Elite in Rainham (Essex)

    Thought I would relay some recent experiences with this lot. 1. New tyres for W124 E320 Coupe for mate: We got 4 Goodyear Hydragrips, which are excellent. The fitted and balanced price was competitive, about £300 all in. I also opted for 'tracking' at £30 -- this was on the phone. Once...
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