1. MikeInWimbledon

    What is the biggest Mercedes event / Rally of the year?

    What's the biggest Mercedes Rally / event of the year? I spent Saturday at the extraordinary Rolls Royce Enthusiasts rally at Burleigh - a huge collection of exceptional, and quite cheap, kit, and then was surprised to see several hundred modern Mercedes at the Flywheel meet at Bicester...
  2. Charles Morgan

    An introduction to a marvellous friend who is returning to rally driving at 72

    While my W114 coupe was being restored by Project Shop, I met the lovely Bron Burrell, who is returning to rally driving at a mere 72. Her car, Puff the Magic Wagon, took part in the 1970 London to Mexico Rally, and she was part of the team of three. Tish, who owned the car then, has sadly...
  3. developer

    Wales Rally GB - A Question

    My lad and I are going to Wales Rally GB on a day ticket for the Saturday. A simple question - will I be ok in my car, or should I take the wife's Focus? He seems to think there will be driving on mud tracks/poor roads between stages - I'm hoping there will normal roads and places to park...
  4. Cousy

    Pure Rally 2016

    I have just done a PureRally event and I thought I'd tell you guys about it as when I first posted about the rally before I had booked it people had mixed reviews. I did the Monaco rally. We visited Paris, Lyon and ended in Monaco. It was brilliant from start to finish, well organised and the...
  5. Tim203

    Anyone going to the LAA Sywell rally

    If so, come and visit us at CKT Aero engines and have a cuppa tea and a biscuit and I will show you our Subaru engine. Cheers Tim.
  6. D

    Crazy Old Man Driving Prank - Rally Driver Petter Solberg AMG

    https://youtu.be/-RJPg2axfcQ One to watch
  7. ringway

    Mercedes e240 gumball rally drift modified military tank.

    Come on, someone on here's gotta buy it! :bannana: LINK.
  8. W

    C63 on European Modball Rally 2015

    Hi all just thought I would like to share some pics of my recent trip on the European Modball rally 2015, Route: London-Paris-Milan-Rome-Monaco-Barcelona. Was an amazing trip and saw some great sites and even better cars along the way hope you enjoy the pics!
  9. D

    Historic Commercial Vehicle Rally

    General motoring in a different way, I suppose. I went out this morning to see the Historic Commerical Vehicle Rally come through our town. I'm no nerd, but I've got to say, I was impressed. From the sublime: Through the impressive: To the terrifying: Imagine that in...
  10. reflexboy

    Need a rally harness

    I needed a new computer chair. Spur of the moment purchase!
  11. Ricky16

    Rico rally

    Ve just paid my deposit for the June 2015 Rico rally alpine adventure any 1 else going or have been in the past I'm feeling really giddy about it can't wait
  12. noy91

    Wales Rally GB - worth going?

    Was wondering if anyone on here had experience of spectating Rally GB, and whether they considered it a worthwhile experience, and specifically how much you can feasibly see? I'm personally keen to go - both to watch what is probably my favourite motorsport, and also it would be a good chance...
  13. amiller81


    Just watching a few videos from the Gumball Get Together in Manchester today and came across these. Was is this anyone on here? http://youtu.be/91_7GNhUNnE http://youtu.be/5P6kYLr5H9o
  14. Spinal

    Spinal's Mongol Rally Thread

    Gents (and the odd lady that browses this forum), I did something stupid last night, and paid my registration fee for the mongol rally. So now, I need a crap car to drive to Mongolia in. Current rule are that the car can't have more than a 1l engine, though rumour suggests that this year it's...
  15. T

    Mercedes w123 rally car advise

    Hi, I'm toying with the idea of turning a regular w123 into a rally car. To start with I need a saloon/coupe 280e with manual transmission. This is a problem, these 280e's with manual gearbox are very rare. My question is:- if I get hold of a w123 200 saloon with manual transmission and...
  16. Jim G

    Modball Rally 2015

    Modball Rally of Europe 2015 opened it's registration today EUROPE 2015 | Modball Stops at some nice places. Me and AshC63 have signed up just awaiting email confirmation of place & I think Lee C63 is signing up also :thumb:
  17. Palfrem

    Pride of Longbridge Rally 12 April 2014.

    index Anyone going? It's usually a pleasant nostalgia fest.
  18. def90cars

    Rally de Portugal: Kubica retires again

    Am I the only one who thinks this driver is a triumph of sponsors' cash over ability. :fail Always a fault of the road/notes/conditions...... never that he is just not a rally driver. Kimi realised this and gave up.
  19. Dave Richardson

    Rally Driving Experience

    I'm being spoilt this Christmas, Mrs Dave is buying me a 'Rally driving experience' day with so many popping up via google it's difficult to choose.:doh::doh: Whilst living in Plymouth driving up to the Midlands or South Wales is fine & favouring a Suburu WRX to play with It's without doubt...
  20. grober

    Peking-Paris Rally

    They don't build em like this any more.;) Oops see KnightErrant posted on this already but here's the video. [YOUTUBE HD]yjB6Kc_YsnA&list=PL68FB9096F954371E[/YOUTUBE HD]
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