1. J

    Hi from soon-to-be AMG owner

    Hi there, Been interested in getting a C63 for quite some time. Will now be picking up a 2012 C63 Estate in a couple of days time. Looking forward to experiencing that wonderful engine. My main road car has been a Mitsubishi Evo for the past ten years (don't judge me on that, I'm no...
  2. ash59fifty-uk

    Rallying a W140!

    Crazy stuff https://www.facebook.com/AmonOliver93/videos/1129650923788666/
  3. John

    Rallying at Brands Hatch.

    Went and did their Rallying experience today (the more expensive one). For the first time ever when going to a driving event, I'm happy it was raining! What a great couple of hours learning how to flick and powerslide a GT86 round a muddy couple of tracks. Highly recommended and great...
  4. John


    So after having done an Off Road experience last Sunday in Essex, I quite fancy trying rallying now... Is there a good outfit where one can have a reasonable go without breaking the bank? There is an offer on Groupon but the company does have a fair share of poor reviews. Preferably...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Proper car rallying (apart from a BMW)

    Wonderful sequence of classics being driven at speed at a tough corner, some of which do actually make it round! POD3-ZAH6ck&sns=fb
  6. developer

    Rallying - BBC 4 now

    The good old days........
  7. JasM

    Raikkonen rejects F1 for rallying

  8. sportyreptile

    Rallying in comfort!!

    I've heard of "armchair rallying", but this is can't be right can it? Oh yeah, check out that number plate.... :bannana: :bannana:
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