1. RyanMuller

    Properly random question: Hanging a part on wall which has female thread

    Please delete
  2. C

    Random questions and thoughts about my new E300 hybrid

    So I've done close to 600 miles in my new E300 Hybryd and wanted to share a few thoughts about it and also ask a few questions. Is it just me or is the gear lever counter intuitive to use? I feel like pressing forward should be Drive and pulling backwards should be reverse, but it's the...
  3. A

    Random boiler question

    Hi all had a bit of bother with my boiler. Kept loosing presure and had to keep topping it up, called out the gas man and he unblocked and small pipe attached to a presure valve, it was full of sludge/gunk. When he'd fixed the problem I was advised to have it power flushed at a cost of...
  4. S

    Viano - Random Alarm From Rear Of Vehicle

    Hi all, We have just had a 2005 Viano import converted to a motorhome. There is a single tone alarm that sounds randomly when driving. It sounds as though it is coming from the rear of the van on the left hand side, possibly where the rear air con unit is housed. There are no warning lights...
  5. T

    W202 - help identifying random bits of interior

    Hi there, Inside my new (to me) W202 C200 saloon I've found the two objects in the attached pictures. (1) A small 3 point Mercedes star, without the ring around it; and (2) A small rubber fella that was in the ash tray. To me (2) looks like it's the pedal cover for the foot/hand/foot/parking...
  6. Happytalk73

    Random Q & A's

    I thought it'd be good for people to post random questions about anything & everything. I'll go first: Why is it that automatic cars have huge brake pedals? In all the years of driving manual cars I've never yet missed the 'small' brake pedal. :dk: Ant. :D
  7. G

    Audio 20 Media Play Random Order

    Am I the only one having this problem? I have just taken delivery of my 10 months old C220D AMG Line. My previous C220 with COMAND allowed me to play media playlists in random order AND REMEMBERED THE RANDOM SETTING. My new car with Audio 20 plays in random order but resets itself every time I...
  8. DSM10000

    Multiple random misfires but only on cylinders 1 and 6

    About a month ago the C320 started throwing up occasional fault codes for multiple random misfires on cylinders 1 and 6 (only these two) always a few minutes after a cold start Apart from the EML there was no other indication, the engine ran and performed as usual , as a service was due I...
  9. D

    Random question - C63 Door height?

    Random question I know but could someone tell me the height from the floor to the part of the door which touches the wall when it's opened? I hope this makes sense. I'm picking up my C63 on Thursday so have been clearing out the garage, I now want to line the walls so when I open the door, the...
  10. mat8n

    Random car pictures

    My first one is through my temporary gates, just after a wash... Looked like a good angle. Second one... Through the best ford that I know of!
  11. Palfrem

    Garage clear out - many random things!

    Gents, I'm on a three line whip to get the garage a little less cluttered. We may be moving so a downsize of chattels is needed. Briefly: Toyota LC 120 genuine load liner and grey floor mats. Also have grey leather third row seats. CL500 W215 Mercedes rubber boot tray. W211 saloon...
  12. W

    Help with Random Beep - Video included

    What is causing this random beep noise from the stereo on my 2005 W211 E320CDi? https://youtu.be/L6RWkUtTEDs It is the same beep heard when storing a new radio station frequency by holding down one of the number buttons. It happens all of the time even with no key in the ignition. It happens...
  13. legonutter

    random 3000rpm rev limiter

    the engine in my merc is a 2001 2.7 cdi 5pot and at random times after start up it engages a 3000rpm limiter without even throwing a code? is this a boost or maf sensor issue?
  14. legonutter

    random 300 rpm rev limmiter

    the engine in my merc is a 2001 2.7 cdi 5pot and at random times after start up it engages a 3000rpm limiter without even throwing a code? is this a boost or maf sensor issue?:dk:
  15. John_Doe

    C32 random engine misfire

    Afternoon all, I have had this random engine misfire for a while now and it's been too several indy garages and even main dealer. All they tell me is that it's misfiring on cylinders 1 and 6. They recommend changing plugs, leads and coil pack. I can get the same bloody info off a silly little...
  16. RobertoMercini

    Random q - anyone here owned/driven both a e250 coupe and a c350 saloon?

    Long title but simple question. Weighing up trading in my E for a gruntier C, not to mention to make that long awaited move from a 4 pot to a beautiful V6. Would love to hear from anyone that's had good experience of both in order to make a more informed decision
  17. MWCLS

    MB SERVICE PLANS - Dealers random servicing prices

    Evening everyone, my car is due a spark plug / brake fluid, oil/filter change ( I changed the air cartridge myself and the ATF was done only 3k ago ( electro plate replacement) Service plan £52.50 x 24 months ( Ex vat ) 3 Services. My car has only done 600 miles since its last service...
  18. Hawkwind

    Hazard warning lights, random activation.

    As the title says really. I just bought a W208 CLK320. Noticed yesterday the hazards were flashing, but no siren, thought it might just be a one off. But it has happened a few times now and I don't want them to flatten the battery if left for an extended period. I did change the cabin air...
  19. Rashman

    Random car pics.

    Bit bored. Found some er... creations...
  20. A

    W202 C200 random misfire

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction, I'm stumped now with this. Engine will drop onto three cylinders, no pattern, hot or cold, the only connection is it only happens when you lift off the throttle, then go again (junctions, slip roads etc) Turning it off and back on resets...
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