1. W

    Best mid range tyre for c class?

    Hi I am looking for a good mid range tyre for the rear wheels on my c class. I was looking to get hankook as I have them on the front. But the back tyres are almost double the price I paid for the front. Back tyre Size is 255 / 35 / 18 / 90Y. Looking to spend around £60 if possible to...
  2. D

    W213 fuel range indicator

    Hi, got a w213 e220d. when i get to about 60 miles left on the fuel range i get a picture of a car and fuel pump in red. This then doesnt give any further decreasing miles to go information. Every other recent car I have had has given information right down to '0' miles left. i appreciate that...
  3. R

    Parking Pilot blu tooth range

    Hello everyone, I am the new owner of an E class 220d estate W213. The cars great, however, I have a very first world issue! Has anyone else got a problem with the range of Parking Pilot? I have a Sony Xperia Z3 compact and have to stand withing a foot or so of the dash to connect (after...
  4. clk320x

    2004 Range Rover, stupid buy?

    Looking at a 2004 RR with high mileage £4300, 140,000 miles, all electrics work, air suspension etc fine Engine rebuilt @ £3500 with invoice Are these cars as expensive to maintain as I've heard? Opinions?
  5. tali

    Pricey Range Rover.....

  6. S

    C43 Fuel Range Gauge

    Hi all, Just thought I'd ask if anyone knows if you can dismiss the 'Range' image on the dash when the fuel gets low? Basically mine gets down to 19 miles left in the tank and then the mileage is replaced by an image of the car and a red Gerry can. I've tried pressing everything to get rid of it...
  7. whizzkid11

    Range Rover Vogue TDV8 SE

    Advertising on behalf of a colleague. My colleague is selling his much loved, cherished and pampered Range Rover. This is one of the best/most looked after cars out there, I have been working with him for well over 16 years and know how he looks after his cars. Advertising here as I...
  8. GlenQ

    Wanted: S Class Merc or v8 Range Rover

    Looking to replace my written-off S500. Merc will ideally be between 2001 to 2004 V8 although a CDI would be considered. Range Rover needs to be a V8 L322 2002 to 2005, would prefer a Vogue but a good spec HSE would be considered. Please PM if you have anything for sale.
  9. M


    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3190 Range Rover 5.0 V8 Autobiography 40th Anniversary Black Edition ONE OF ONLY 700 SUPPLIED WORLDWIDE ONE OF A HAND FULL SUPPLIED TO UK Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 11th May 2010 – 10 Reg • Three Owners From New – Last...
  10. C

    Newer or higher up the range?

    Hi I'm looking to change cars sometime soon. I quite like my 2 door CLK coupe and don't want or need any more doors. :0) I quite like the newer C350 and E350 class coupe's but IMO they don't have as nice an interior as my current car. The dashboards are hard plastic and don't feel quite as...
  11. F

    Remote range and radio

    Can anyone show me the part I need please? My remote locking only works 2 inches from drivers lock and my radio is crap reception wise, been told i need amplifier replaced, told its in rear pass side boot area, link or picture would be great so I can see what part this is. Any idea of prices...
  12. bob6600

    Not your usual Range Rover in Knightsbridge

    Range Rovers outside Harrods are probably an everyday site, although not quite with these decals Spurned lover gets public revenge by graffiting Range Rover parked outside Harrods | Daily Mail Online
  13. O

    Vito driver info screen ... "range"

    How is it my vito 120 08 plate doesnt have a range option on the display between the clocks but my mates 120 10 plate (same model) does have?
  14. S

    Range Rover Evoque - Facelift

    So in pursuit of a sensible daily drive in light of the fact that 15k-20k miles a year in a C63 might be a little bit frivulous and an irresponsible use of cash. Anyone actually owned a long term one of these? The new ingenium diesel looks a great frugal option in a luxury car. Thoughts...
  15. Palfrem

    Very Full Fat 4.2 SC 58 reg Range Rover

    I may well have found a suitable G Wagen. Therefore, my RR VSE needs to be sold within about three weeks or so. It's on 52400 with FLRSH and about 6 months or so of LR Warranty remaining. MOT around Sept 2016 I think Tyres all good Pirelli Scorpions. Full sized spare. New battery about...
  16. Dave Richardson

    Two nice cars & 1 Range Rover seized by Plymouth Police

    Two rather nice cars were seized by Plymouth police recently. Plymouth police seize London suspects' cars as part of money laundering and drugs investigation | Plymouth Herald Lets keep an eye on the local auctions
  17. Giantvanman

    Range Rover - decision made!

    Following on from this thread http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/200976-tell-me-about-owning-range-rover.html a big thank you to all who participated making it enjoyable and informative. Without further ado, the decision was confirmed this morning and on the eighteenth, we will...
  18. Giantvanman

    Tell me about owning a Range Rover..

    …or do you have another large 4x4 recommendation? Dependant on cost, it could be new or second hand but I will buy as new as I can afford…nothing older than say four or five years old. In a nutshell, a Range Rover has been my Top Trump number one vehicle for about forty years but have always...
  19. R

    Mclaren P1 and range

    [ McLaren range plus "target" for interactive app. £15 inc p and p
  20. jonnyboy

    router repeater/extend wifi range help needed

    People Confirmed technophobe here so I am pleading with you to speak straightforwardly lol. We're having a problem with wifi patchiness in our house. To keep it brief its an old house with later additions. Very unusual construction which does not help at all. See the picture I roughly...
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