1. ringway

    Car Buyers Rank Entertainment Over Safety

    Article based on U.S. trends. Same in the U.K. ? Car Buyers Rank Entertainment Over Safety 2010 Honda Odyssey Rear Entertainment System. Honda© It’s the great high-tech showdown: As new technology floods into vehicles, consumers are starting to favour infotainment over...
  2. R

    Rank bit of driving...

    Confession time, this morning I approached a T junction which was wet, far too fast. I locked up but kept it straight, regained control and gently drove the remaining distance to the give way line. When I got there I was let out by a a car that had just witnessed my emergency stop. Feeling...
  3. Sp!ke

    How high does your username rank?

    Just Typed Sp!ke into google to see how easy it would be to find me... HERE I show up as # 2 out of 879,000 hits :o Not sure if thats a bit sad or rather cool? Can anyone beat it with their username?
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