1. D

    ultra rare mercedes 300 sel 6.3 pullman engine lhd for restoration

    Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3 W109 | eBay
  2. F

    Ferrari - The Rare, The Fast and The Ugly

  3. merc85

    e55k Rare grey

    Lovely looking this one, Not sure the Square Exits suit it tho. MERCEDES E55 AMG ** REMAPPED 650 BHP** 03 PLATE IMMACULATE | eBay
  4. Gurd63

    RARE! Clarion G80 Stack W126 W124

    For Sale! A Period 1980s, Clarion Stack Stereo System (G-501) with a pair of Original Clarion Speakers! As I'm sure you know, this would look awesome in a W126 and I've also seen them in W124, W201s and a whole host of other high end cars of the period! Can't even imagine how expensive...
  5. markjay

    Aston Martin Lagonda - How Rare?

    Aston Martin Lagonda - How Rare? Apparently there are only 28 cars left: https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=Aston+Martin+Lagonda+&commit=Search ...so what are the chances of two such cars popping-up in my neighbourhood, both parked on the same street, within 200 yards of each...
  6. K

    SLK200 1.8 Kompressor - rare Carlsson Manual £10500

    [url=https://postimg.org/image/elz2fwtot/] [url=https://postimg.org/image/mfzo1b1hp/] My brother is selling his rather nice Carlsson SLK Manual and he is a decent and honest bloke and so I suggested this would be a good place to sell. Car is like new and totally pampered. I'm...
  7. F

    Rare 1967 Ford GT40 MKIII

  8. W

    How rare? Designo electric green clk

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and found this site on my quest to find out more information on the car I've just bought. The car was owned by my brother for six years and I've just got it from him. I've been trying to find more information about the colour. I know it was a special order colour...
  9. S

    A couple of rare R129 SLs

    This Koenig special must be fairly unusual and rare: Mercedes-Benz 500 SL König Though the power they quote (320 hp with a compressor) can't be right Body mods are Marmite! This 7.2l Lorinser must be rare too: 2001 Mercedes SL 7.2 Lorinser | Coys of Kensington I'd like to see more...
  10. S

    Mercedes CLK 230 Rare 6 speed Manual for Spares

    My beloved CLK died today:fail. The front suspension collapsed, due to rust. It has AMG stepped Alloys with 2 nearly new Dunlops on the rear. Lovely Black leather seats. Too many new parts to list. Avantgarde Spec.It must be of some use to someone. Runs like a Dream. Offers invited.
  11. Bryn320

    Mercedes W116 280S RHD rare

    just got a W116 280S from SA, no rust at all 100k on the clock 76 model, just registered it and told by DVLA this is the only one registered in the UK, probably in Europe also as a RHD, apparently only the 280SE was sold here. anybody know any different, these were sold to SA and AUS...
  12. J

    Very rare clk63 amg cabriolet

  13. D

    e220 sportsline convertible going cheap in ultra rare diamond white

  14. D

    mercedes w123 300tdt turbo us import with mor very rare us only spec

    Very Rare Mercedes 300 Turbo Diesel 123 Estate, LHD MOT'd from California | eBay
  15. D

    mercedes 300e 4matic lhd polish reg rare model 4wd for parts or repairs

    1990 mercedes e300 4matic AWD, LHD, project rare | eBay
  16. R

    Rare calipers.

    The nsr brake caliper on my car is seized...as was the replacement. These are difficult to come by, none being available in the UK from MB. My car uses ATE calipers at the rear though mostly these cars and the w220 S Class use Brembo. My question is, can I use different, more available...
  17. D

    w124 wiesmann hard top ultra rare

    Mercedes Benz W124 Convertible Kabriolett Kabrio HARDTOP Wiesmann | eBay
  18. S

    Mercedes W112 rare limousine owned by Idi Amin

    A near to impossible find. This is the Ultra rare W112 Limousine arguably the only one left in the world out of a few ever made.
  19. L

    lovely rare Merc

    scrowl down the page,only 4 ever made in uk apparently!.......Boycie's Jaguar E-Type for sale at auction | This is Money
  20. c55

    Rare Carlsson 7 Wheel Set 1/15 Alloys 18

    Rare Carlsson wheels for W201, W202, W208, W124, W129, W170, W210, W140 & R170 plus Others For Sale complete set of x 4, plus spares x 3, Genuine 18 x 8.5, Carlsson 1/15 Alloys (7 wheels in total), 16 spoke made by Ronal including Centre Caps and Centre Cap Key. These retailed at over £2825...
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