1. bob6600

    Halfords 3T Ratchet Axle Stands Half Price @£14.99

    Might be of use for someone, I have a set of these and they are good. Halfords Website eBay link
  2. bob6600

    Halfords Advanced 3 Tonne Ratchet Axle Stands £14

    Less than half price, just ordered a set even though I don't need them :thumb: CLICKY
  3. J

    Which bottle jack & ratchet stands

    As above, in preparation for replacing rear brake pads on my 2004 ML, any recommendations greatly received.
  4. lynall

    Handbrake ratchet problem 2006 C180

    Hi all ive a problem with friends car, handbrake would not hold on when applied by foot, strip lower dash find release cable adrift and where hes pulled it so hard spring dislodged!, that bits now working, but i cannot get the foot pedal to stay down, the ratchet clicks as pedal is pushed, then...
  5. J

    C250TD W202 Ratchet shifter

    Hi, Ive got an auto c250td and i want to fit a ratchet shifter, Anyone done this before? And can it be done? Cheers Brett
  6. ringway

    Removing fan from 320CDI (OM613). Thin Ratchet Required.

    Good afternoon. I need to remove the fan from my 320CDI (OM613) engine. It's a tight squeeze and other than using a long allen key, I don't have anything small enough to fit into the aperture. Can anyone recommend a slim ratchet that will accept screwdrive bits so I can avoid scraping my...
  7. S

    w202 Parking brake 'ratchet' broken

    Basically the parking brake is is not locking when its put on. Is this a common fault on a w202 ( 94' model ) ? And more importantly is it an easy diy fix? Tried phoning euro car parts earlier to see if i could get a whole new pedal/unit. They aren't answering. May get down later to ask. If...
  8. philiggy

    124 seat ratchet, help needed

    Hi all The drivers seat rachet slips backward some times, its better if you leave the the knob in the head rest position. Is ths a common fault ? or is it cos I'm a fat bugger? Cheers Phil
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