1. st13phil

    AMG E63 Gear Ratios

    Can anyone post (or post a reference to) the gear ratios of the AMG MCT 7-speed 'box as fitted to the W212 Biturbo E63?
  2. B

    Where can I find 716.6XX gear ratios?

    Im trying to source a 6 speed 716.6 gearbox for my om606 but im having a hard time trying to figure out which box to use. Ideally I'd like to find a list of ratios so I can pick a gearbox that best suits my needs. Anyone know where or how I can find out?
  3. beefthechief

    W215 vs w220 7G Ratios

    Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone could clarify if there is a difference in the gearboxes of the aforementioned cars. I have a w220 s500 7G and my dad has a w215 cl500 7G. The cars are both MY2005 with my dads having nearly double the mileage mine has yet he's car is noticeably quicker and...
  4. Druk

    Diff ratios

    Question for the mathematicians out there. If my car does 3500RPM at 70MPH with a 3.58 diff ratio what would the revs be at the same speed with a 3.07 diff ratio? :wallbash:
  5. C

    Mercedes W202 diff- Interchangable? And what diff ratios are available?

    Hi :) I dont know what diff ratio I have in my 1999(?) Mercedes C230 Kompressor manual, but I would like a lower one (more acceleration, less top speed) if its possible and they are the same basic diff just with a different CWP. Maybe one from a C180 is lower? Does anyone know? And where...
  6. Druk

    Bigger tyres vs gear ratios

    I'm currently running 205-55-16s (632mm dia) and am considering changing to 225-55-16s (654mm dia). Tyre calculator says this will give a 3.5% increase in diameter. http://www.tyresave.co.uk/tyresize.html My math is crap but I reckon the wheel will travel an extra 70mm per revolution...
  7. ADY1983

    W124 Diff Ratios??

    Ok, most of you would have seen my engine swap post, i have been driving the car everyday for work although it is not really finished IMO :o . Anyway the old 12Valve diff is still on the car with the 24V engine, apart from the fact the car still doesn't rev past 5000rpm:( , it seems slow...:(...
  8. markheaney2

    merc 124 rear axle ratios

    does anyone on here know if it is possible to fit a rear axle from another 124 to lower the revs at cruising speed my car is an e300 diesel 1994 multivave the problem is i do a lot of contract work taking train drivers to trains (believe it or not) and my e300 drinks the stuff at 80 mph other...
  9. rakeshkhakhar

    E270 CDI Gear ratios

    Hi all Just a question with regards my 5 speed autobox. I find it quite annoying that the autobox does not shift into 5th until im doing above 45mph. is there anyway to get around this so it shifts into fifth sooner? any help much appreciated. thanks rakesh:o
  10. W

    Question regarding aspect ratios!

    I have just recently tried running my laptop on my new toy (Panasonic 42" Plasma Screen). :rock: Picture quality is excellent :bannana: (I mean really good :D ) but there is one problem: The plasma screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and my laptop (Toshiba Satellite - P4 2.8, ATI Radeon 9000...
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