1. B

    Ratling engine sound what is wrong?

    I got an W124 from 1991 model 300E-24 It got the M104.980 Engine 3.0 Liter with 24 Valves. I got this ratling sound at the top of the engine And the sound can sometimes go from cyl. 6 to cyl. 1 or stay in the midle of the engine, but always from the top of the engine. The strange thing...
  2. fastslk

    ratling roof

    Don't know if anyone else has had this , I've got an slk200 and when the roof is closed it's started making a ratling noise which is driving me nuts. ???? Any ideas .
  3. A

    Ratling noise near water pump and power steering pump.S320

    hI, I am getting ratling noise underneath water pump and power steering reservoir when i put the gear in "D"....on moving gear to "P" sound vanishes. Is this the problem with the power steering pump or belt needs to be adjusted???? Please help. ALAN
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