1. Satch

    Whirrring, rattley, rotating squeak noise

    is coming from somewhere in the region of nearside end dashboard on my S211 for about 10 minutes after startup and every so often when under way. Not the main fan because it is still evident when that is switched off. Is there another one in there, perhaps a cooling fan for electronics...
  2. C

    numpty rattley door question

    I`ve got a `92 300e-24v and the passeger door has developed a really annoying rattle, I think it`s just a piece of trim needs tightening from the inside. If I have a crack at it myself am I going to come across any tricky or unexpected problems, it`s got full electric seats and windows if that...
  3. G

    Rattley E220 CDI

    I have a E220 CDI and find the engine sounds like a truck. On it's last service and after 3 years of complaining, a machenic jumped up and decided it must be the turbo charger. The spray on grease was the test and I tell you, for one day it sounded like a new car and could have been petrol...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Rattley CAT

    About 5 months ago my cat started to rattle, so off to my garage I went. They fixed it by tieing down the inside and I was told it would last for a while, it did until this weekend :( As ive just forked out for 2 new rear dampers (£80 each :) ) I cant afford a new cat. Whats the worse...
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