1. M

    2011 E200 W212 OM651 722.6 - Rattling Noise - Help?

    My car has developed a very unhealthy noise a few days ago. I have stopped driving it. I need to know how to get it diagnosed and to whom it should be taken. Video/Audio: https://youtu.be/Tlb2OoCpZ9c SYMPTOMS: 1. When you start the car, from inside the car you can hear an erratic metallic...
  2. T

    Rattling at Front.

    Hi my car (61 plate W204 c220) has developed an annoying rattle at both front wheels, sounds like brake pads loose in caliper but had them out yesterday and all spring clips and pads seem tight? Had wheel bearings tightened, had slight play. If i drive up a kerb i can hear creaking from...
  3. S

    CLA220 AMG SPORT RATTLING DASH!? any tips?

    hi, Picked my car up saturday and theres an incredibly annoying rattle from the dash area, when i hold the COMAND screen it still rattles and sounds like its either coming from the vents or the climate control settings area. The Manufacturers warranty ran out the day after I bought it and...
  4. S

    2015 E220 coupe dashboard rattling noise

    Hello everyone. For the last couple of weeks i noticed a strange noise coming from the passenger side. I think it is coming from the dashboard. I tried to push several points but i couldn't find where it is exactly coming from. The rattles is triggered every time i am doing a ''slow...
  5. dad4geer

    Rattling annoying sound from dashboard W204

    Yes, it's been coming from my dashboard for last 2 weeks or so... initially I thought it will go away and maybe because I was driving on an uneven road but it did not go away and I am experiencing it more often than before .. it is not loud, just small chripping rattling noise.... feels like if...
  6. gramey

    R129 Rattling on tickover when in gear?

    Unfortunately due to currently being incapacitated I'm not in a position to crawl under it and look but my R129 SL32O has a rattle but only when it's in gear and only at tick over. As soon as you pick up the revs or put it in neutral it goes. I'm thinking it may be the exhaust or is it...
  7. B

    W220 S320 Rattling Catalytic Converter ??

    2002 S320 under floor central Cat has started rattling are there any aftermarket options I could use to replace the Original cats going to replace both central ones at the same time pipe diameter at each side of the Cat is 55mm, noticed looking at them that the in pipes are not perfectly in...
  8. R

    W211 metal rattling from front passenger side

    Got this real annoying rattling coming from front passenger side E220 CDI ANVATARGE 08 :154,000 ml , can't hear with windows shut but if open drives me mad Anyone any ideas, not really mechanically minded is there anything I could look for to check...
  9. T

    Rattling glass !!!

    Hi all - I've had my W205 2015 c-class AMG 220d Bluetec in the dealers twice now to solve the rattling glass in the drivers door. I've been told new seals have been installed but its no different Is it true this is a known defect - common I gather in the US and Japan Anyone else...
  10. J

    Rolling rattling noise from rear seat back rest driver side

    I have a 2003 S430. There's a rolling rattling noise coming from the rear seat area, driver side when I drive over bumps and make sharp turns. Any ideas on what's causing it? thanks
  11. K

    Rubbing rattling noise ...w208 clk230

    Hi When the fuel tank gets below about half full I get a rubbing or scraping sound from nearside mid/rear underneath. having searched the forum, I see fuel tank baffles being an issue on some models, but does this apply to the w208? I first noticed it with 4 people in the car so assumed it was...
  12. W

    Rattling when i accelerate

    Hey guys i have owned a A200 CDI now for just over a year (2014 plate) and i have just noticed there is a rattling coming from what sounds like the front on the drivers side?! There has always been some rattle and it seems like it's gotten a lot louder to me and just wondering if it's just me...
  13. johnthornhill

    Rattling noise coming from dashboard W204

    Hi, I have a 2009 pre face lift W204. A rattling noise is coming form the dash board I think its coming from one of those mesh grilles between the dash and the windscreen, it only happens when moving which is annoying I did think it was where the windscreen is at the bottom but ive pressed it...
  14. OneForTheRoad

    rattling over small constant bumps.

    are any of the suspension parts common /easy to identify lads for wear and tear . im getting a rattle over small bumps , nothing on flat roads or over speed humps, ( silent ) only seems there on longish stretches of small bumpy road / pot holes etc . much obliged for any help .
  15. E

    Rattling Noise between 1700-2000rpm

    As above. Noise seems to come from underneath gear lever area. I have checked under the car and exhaust fittings seem secure. I noticed that if I change from D to 4 then the noise goes? Any ideas as to cause would be appreciated. Car is W210 E300TD.
  16. Peter103

    Bonnet Rattling

    The front nearside corner of the bonnet is a bit loose and rattles on start up and I can't see what to tighten to fix it, with the engine running , I can push the front corner down slightly and it stopsrattling when I lift the lid I can't see what needs to be done to make it fit tighter and...
  17. brens-e200

    rattling supercharger w210 query

    hi all i have a 2002 w210 2.0 Kompressor and the kompressor rattles. Its not too bad but noticeabe ( well to me anyway ha ha ) and has 140k on the clock. There doesnt appear to be any performance impact as it still accelerates well I was wondering 1. where is the part number located on...
  18. T

    E220 M111 clunky rattling noise

    Hello all Couldn't find this exact problem elsewhere on the threads - have the above noise on initial acceleration/throttling/moving up through the gears (automatic). Tends to stop once in 4th, with the odd rattle at cruise speed. It's done 170k and I'm concerned it may be the timing chain...
  19. M

    E Class Cabriolet Rattling

    I bought an E200 cabrio in September and I'm not at all happy. Depending on the weather and road conditions, various creaking and rattling noises come from different parts of the car, especially the back. Here's a few examples E Class Cabriolet - YouTube Has anyone else experienced this...
  20. S


    Hi Can anybody help me identify this rattle i get from the underside of my c220 2003? happens when i go over slightly uneven road but seems to disappear when i brake? Clues?
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