1. R

    For Sale: Brand New Motorola RAZR 2 V8 Unlocked

    I have for sale a brand spanking new, unlocked (not tied to any one network), Motorola RAZR 2 V8. Summary of features An ultra-slim design makes this the thinnest RAZR yet at 11.9mm. The reflective vacuumized metal and hardened glass front catches light and creates visual intrigue. The 2"...
  2. G

    Motorola V3 RAZR UHI Cradle

    I got my V3 cradle on Saturday morning - initial findings as follows; It does have bluetooth and it seems to need the bluetooth connection for it to work - even if the phone is "docked". If you "dock" the phone without bluetooth active the phone will charge but you cannot make, receive calls or...
  3. C

    Comand with Motorola RAZR?

    Hi Is it possible to fit an incar cradle to suit Motorola Razr V3? I already have a nokia 6210 cradle installed, MB say it is inexpensive to change - cradles clip in and out, but can you get one for the Motorola Razr?? Thanks
  4. Jukie

    Motorola RAZR V3 in silver

    7 months' light use, excellent working condition, one very small scuff-mark in the corner. Comes with mains charger, hands-free kit, manuals, software, data cable and presentation case. Sale also includes genuine Moto car charger worth £10 and Moto HS810 bluetooth headset worth circa £40. Works...
  5. mobeyone

    motorola v3 razr black!!

    for sale! just bought a sony k750i so have no need for this. the razr was an upgrade from tmobile about three months ago and is still in excellent condition - no scratches but one or two small scuffs but nothing to shout home about. If we are being really pedantic - the metal motorola symbol...
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