1. damiandavis

    Which Fibre Optic (Most) to RCA Adapter to use

    Hello, so i am preparing to switch the NTG1 Comand Nav stereo in my W211 (2007) E63 with an aftermarket head unit. I have been told that i need to put a MOST Fibre to RCA interface in to allow the head to connect to the speakers via the boot AMP. I have been recommended a unit from IncarTech...
  2. N

    WTB: IXOS Audio Interconnect RCA

    If you have analog audio cables from IXOS that you wanna sell, please let me know. I'm looking for 1metre high end cables. Please let me know which version cable you have. I'm looking for IXOS Gamma 1002 classic yellow cable. If you have better versions from IXOS than Gamma 1002 cable let...
  3. P

    w208 ICE install! Where to run RCA and remote wires?

    Hey guys, Need your help. Whats the best method or preferred location for running RCA and REMOTE leads from an aftermarket headunit to the boot of the car? I'm attempting this tomorrow and was going to try and tuck them under the trim panels on the passenger side but was just wondering if...
  4. G

    RCA and remote lead in 1996 E-class Merc

    Hi. Is there a specific route to place the RCA and remote from the h/u around the car to the boot, or do I need to bring up the interior to find out! I suppose i'm trying to find a tried and tested route for cabling! Any help appreciated
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