1. M

    2009(09) mercedes r280 cdi se automatic 3.0 v6 diesel silver r-class

    Full Details https://www.mercland.com/car.html?id=3887 Mercedes R280 CDI SE Automatic with AMG Styling Package Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 30th June 2009 – 09 Reg • 68,541 miles only with Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel Engine - 190 BHP • 7 Speed Automatic &...
  2. T

    Replacement headlights for R-Class CDI320 4-matic

    Hi all, I have a 2006 R-class with quite a few miles on it - but we love it and go all over Europe in it. Unfortunately, we need to replace the headlights - and this is turning out to be a rather expensive proposition as new spareparts are ridiculously expensive. Thus, I'm hoping...
  3. Kingpin!

    R-Class AC drainage pipe

    Anybody knows where the AC water exits on the R-Class (maybe the same on ML and GL?)? Thanks!
  4. P

    Rclass 320L suspension issues on right side

    hi all. can anyone suggest a cure for a right side suspension drop on a R320L 2008 model. running airmatic rear and springs upfront. when car is turned off , right side drops but when on a run it picks up to normal ride height. would appreciate any help. thanks
  5. I

    floor mats and boot liner for RClass

    I'm looking for some floor mats (the cloth ones, not rubber), and boot liner (a rubber one) for my R Class (LWB). Anyone point me to some good retailers? There are lots of online places, but it's hard to determine quality (and in many cases, fit) from websites for this. Also, what's longer...
  6. I

    lock RClass using emergency key?

    Is it possible to lock the car using the emergency key? Any drawbacks, or things I should be aware of if I do this regularly (i.e. not just in emergency)? I'm hoping it's all possible, so that I can lock the car with the emergency key and go kayaking or windsurfing with the non-electronic...
  7. Kingpin!

    Rear row blower in R-Class

    Hi, forum! It seems like my rear blower / fan in the second row (maybe the same blower supports the third row as well?) seems dead. If I manually press the key to up the fan on the second row climate control panel I don't hear / feel anything coming out of the vents. I've checked the fuse (B...
  8. Bereavement

    Torque Converter R-class w251

    hello all, I wonder if anyone knows a 'roundabout' figure for a torque converter replaced on an R320 cdi. Mine is a little vibry........... I am Bristol based if that makes a difference? Cheers D
  9. Kingpin!

    Rear entertainment in R-Class (W251)

    Hi, forum! I was thinking about maybe installing something for the kids. I have a '06 R-Class which has COMAND NTG2.5 (which I think eliminates the possibility to control video from COMAND). Anyhow if one was to install a 3-party product with inbuilt player (standalone), are there quality...
  10. Bereavement

    comand ngt2 in 2007 rclass

    Hello all, Any super techies on the comand stuff around here? I have seen a few threads but not sure they answer my queries. I have just bought an R320 sport and I 'think' it has the NGT2 comand unit fitted. There is a 6 cd changer in the glove box and what i believe looks to be an aux...
  11. Kingpin!

    R-Class fuse location

    Hi, forum! Anybody who can tell me the type of fuse used for the cigarette/12V socket(s), fuse location and where the fusebox in a 2006 W251 R-Class is? Backgrounder (if you're interested): I had a bit of a problem yesterday. I drove away and on the highway I inserted the charger to my...
  12. Bereavement

    R-Class help please...

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone knows part numbers or availability for the 2nd row centre console for an R-Class??? Picking my motor up in a week or so and fancy getting one of these units. Cheers for your help. D
  13. M

    *** WTB R-Class ***

    Require the new shape or late older shape. Low mileage . 7 seats .Prefer diesel with as many toys as possible . What's out there ? Cheers .
  14. Kingpin!

    R-Class Linguatronic buttons retrofit

    Hi forum! I wonder what steps to take to change/go from 4+4 buttons to 5+5 buttons on a 2006 R-Class (guess it's exactly the same with ML & GL)? Is it a DYI? TIA!
  15. Q

    R-Class opinions wanted please

    Hi all, So my c-class estate will no longer be big enough (3 car seats needed) but I can't quite handle the thought of a full blown people carrier. Part of me is leaning to a long wheelbase R but I'm reading mixed reviews and reliability issue warnings. Can anyone lend any thoughts as...
  16. Kingpin!

    R-Class cargo mat

    Hi forum! Anybody knows if there are good cargo/trunk/boot mats available the R-Class (2006 SWB)? I'm looking for both with 3rd row folded and without. Preferably genuine MB but that is not critical as long as it is good quality and fits properly. Ideally it is a plastic mat with raised edges.
  17. alanuk400

    Lowering R-Class air suspension when stationary

    Just thinking outside the box here, would it be possible to lower my R-Class air suspension when stationary for ease of access for clients by somehow splicing into the air suspension pipes with a T join, (or letting the air out through the compressor) with the pipe attached to a twist valve...
  18. bh13coupe

    R-Class Changing from Run Flats

    Guys The R will be needing new tyres all round at the next MOT. Current tyres are Conti Cross Contact runflats 255 50 19's. Am I correct in saying I can move away from runflats and install a different tyre for example GOODYEAR EAGLE F1's . Off roading is not on the agenda for my car. Any...
  19. B

    R-Class Dog Guard Netting

    I have a brand new 'Dog Guard' net for an R-Class for sale. Part number - A 251 860 00 74 Looking for £40.00 ono
  20. BobbyHowie

    R-class Jump Start Handy Hint

    Read how to do it before you have to!!! My wife and I and another couple flew into Edinburgh from Barbados Saturday 06:00 and his CLS had a flat battery. I've jump leads so brought my car over to his and eventually found his battery! Mine wasn't under the bonnet either or the tailgate...
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