1. crockers

    Target reached.

    Just wanted to let you guys know that last night we held a black tie auction black ties weren't auctioned....and raised over £25,000. This alongside an interest free loan means Jessica has reached her target and flies out to USA on 4th August for her operation on the 11th. Once again...
  2. B

    Idel problems when running temperayure is reached

    Hi all, My c230k w202 1997 engin keeps wanting to stall when i stop in trafic or at a t light, smels of un burnet fuel and high emisions. Sent it for a scan and no errors are shown. When accelerating it hesitates then takes off, high revs all ok but stop again in trafic and there again...
  3. tpwuk

    Hey Hey!! I've reached 1000 posts!

    :D Oh imagine the merriment! :D :bannana::bannana:
  4. jimti

    Car just reached 150000 miles

    so I thought I would share this small milestone with you all. and it still runs like a new car :D :D I wasn't sure if I was happy or sad as it rolled over to the 150000 reading :o
  5. 5

    My E280 reached 80,000 miles!!

    Milestone : 80,000 miles!! I hope it to reach 500,000 someday, if I keep her that long! Got her ar 29,000...and this beast has had no problems so far. Really well built - pleased with the W124 series.
  6. Surf Blau

    You have reached your destination.

    Recently I decided to install a Comand 2.0 unit in my car. It is of course a 163-unit without Can-Bus. I also opted for the FiberOptic (FO) CD-changer, both because the CD-slot up front is used by the navi-CD, but also because I heard rumours saying that the laser would wear out sooner due to...
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