1. 5

    May have wrong production discs 05 CLS 55 AMG(please read)

    Hi guys I recently had my brakes changed where I bought the car from. some time after my brakes started to make a horrible screeching noise when braking. So I had a look at the brakes and notice that the grooves on the disc are facing the opposite direction from each other. I was alway under...
  2. M

    722.8 auto transmission oil level read

    A simple question but can anyone tell me how to read the automatic transmission dipstick please ? The instructions say that at 80C the dipstick should read between levels 5-7, ideally 6. However upon pulling out the dipstick the two sides always show different levels, so not really sure which...
  3. D

    W205 - Wont read texts from Samsung S7

    Hi Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I have connected my Galaxy S7 to my 2016 w205 C250 Command system. It connects OK but does not read text messages out aloud as it did with my previous (windows) phone. I do get the message for me to read on screen but this is no use when...
  4. ioweddie

    Getting Old Read This it may Help

    Lovemaking Tips For Seniors 1. Wear your glasses to make sure your partner is actually in the bed. 2. Set timer for 3 minutes, in case you doze off in the middle. 3. Set the mood with lighting. (Turn them ALL OFF!) 4. Make sure you put 999 on your speed dial before you begin. 5...
  5. french

    WARNING - Only read if you have some kleenex at the ready

    Sniffle - sniffle ,sorry lads not sure whats come over me ....must be someone spraying something .... NON RUNNER / ULTRA RARE TWIN TURBO CADILLAC WAGON, BLS MET BLACK PRIVATE PLATE
  6. CLSMark

    Guess my MPG ( excitement lays ahead, read on!!)

    So, I live in Hampshire, and I'm originally from central Scotland Tonight I'm driving the 398 miles back home for a long weekend. Scenario is Cls 3.0 v6 DIESEL just me ( no kids or wife or their accoutrements) One bag (not the mother in law) Route is Basingstoke to Newbury A339 Onto A34...
  7. ioweddie

    If you think history is boring read this

    This was sent to me not sure how true it all is but makes a good read IF YOU THINK HISTORY IS BORING READ THIS There is an old Hotel/Pub in Marble Arch, London, which used to have a gallows adjacent to it. Prisoners were taken to the gallows (after a fair trial of course) to be hanged...
  8. brucemillar

    Please take a moment to read & reflect.

    Guys Please take a minute to read this and sign the petition and support the work of BRAKE Thank You.
  9. T

    Air Con - W124 Estate - PLEASE READ

    Hi All, Newbie Toby here and I have problem... I know there is a lot about Air Con but I just cannot find anything to help... Here goes.. My beloved 1994 E280 Estate has now been at the local mercedes garage for the best part of 4 weeks due to the air con working for only 1 hour max and the...
  10. milleplod

    Read the handbook properly...!

    I spent a good half hour this morning trying to get the instrument cluster on my R500 to display outside temperature rather than KPH....round and round (and round....) in circles through the menus, getting more and more frustrated. Then I realised that the speedo only shows MPH increments, and...
  11. D

    Thinking about replacing your E55K and can't find a suitable replacement? Read on...

    ...because my XF-R is for sale... After enjoying my E55K's I always struggled to think what I would replace it with - it needed to be a forced induction V8 and more modern than the W211. This quite long winded search ended up at this, my 2010/60 plate Jaguar XF-R... First real difference...
  12. carat 3.6

    SugeKnights: read this!

    Before you drive us all round the bend read through this: MBClub UK - Bringing together Mercedes Enthusiasts - FAQ: Board FAQ
  13. uumode

    Important messages - should I read?

    Should I read my (4) important messages? Who would actually read them?
  14. D

    Do you read books?

    It's occurred to me over time that I read books a lot less than I used to and I think that the reason is the internet. I still read a lot but spend more time online than actually with my nose in a good book and I'm not sure that it's any good for me, I was reading a book recently and thought...
  15. reflexboy

    SMS read aloud by Command

    Evening all-when my Command reads a text message out aloud it always ends the sentence with a word that sounds like "dart". Any idea what this is and does yours do it too?
  16. Mc1

    Fault code read on service

    Hi, my car is going for service on Monday to mb under a service plan. It is due a d service on the dash with fuel and air filters. My question is will the fault codes get read? What else will they pay for? Brake fluid? Anything else?
  17. G

    W124 you must read the desceiption

    Sending from iPhone so not sure if link will work but description is hilarious...
  18. S

    W211 E220 owners - what does your temp read?

    Hi all I have a 2008 E220 W211 and noticed the temp is always at 80, ive read other reports which seem to suggest it should be 90, was just wondering what your ones read? just want to ensure I don't have a bad thermostat which is reducing my MPG! Thanks :)
  19. Kingpin!

    Read fault code(s) with NTG2.5

    Hi, forum! I may have misinterpreted this or maybe it was on COMAND APS or COMAND 2.0 (which I've previously had in this car and in another car), but, can you via the diagnostics/engineering menu read fault codes produced by the car? Reason for asking is that my SRS light came up on my...
  20. JethroUK

    Anyone able to read a post with the mobile app?

    Just downloaded the android app Looks OK until you open a post to read it Font size = miniscule Anyone able to read a post with the mobile app?
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