1. K

    Can anyone recommend the best reasonably priced fault code reader

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on the best fault code kit under £250. I guess you can't get to star capability but it would be good to get the best for the bugdet. Thanks
  2. V

    code reader says heat sensor front and back

    CLK 200K 2007 just got rid of one problem and we have another one. Checked code at local garage it came up with front and rear heat sensor fault not got the number. Also lack of power so the boss the wife says but i do not notice much Any ideas ..!!!!!!
  3. Cymruambyth

    W204 fault code reader.

    I`ve had a quick scan but can`t find any current replies. Which code readers do you guys recommend currently? I`m after something which connects from the OBD to laptop preferably.....and can be used by a complete :D Cheers.
  4. -AJC-

    Recommended OBD Reader

    Can someone please recommend the most suitable OBD reader for a 2006 ML W164 for the home mechanic? I don't want to break the bank and just looking to read and then clear spurious fault codes without a trip to the dealers. Thanks
  5. S

    OBD reader and fault code display

    I have a w204 2011. Is there any secret way the fault odes can be read out via the dashboard display? If not, and I suspect not, can anyone recommend an ODB2 reader which is certified to Mercedes? I ask for a certified one because I tried a Chinese import on ma Toyota Yaris and it screwed...
  6. T

    What code reader do you use?

    Hi all, trying to decide between icarsoft mb II or the autel md802 all systems or 4 systems, just wondered what people use on here and any thoughts? Thanks
  7. S

    code reader ?

    Hi guys, some advice required please. I have a 1998 E300TD ( W210) with an auto box and I am looking to buy a code reader for her as I intend to keep her for some time yet. Looking through various options on e-bay, Amazon etc but cannot find a suitable one, seems to be mostly for cars after...
  8. M

    w202 fault code reader

    Can any one recommend a fault code reader for my 1998 c280? one that does it all, reads /clears codes , service light and so on. thanks, matthew.
  9. K

    OBD2 reader CLK 230 W208

    Hi I have, as far as I know, no problems but would like to have a basic OBD2 reader and reset tool for 1999 W208 with 38 pin socket under bonnet. Would I be able to use a 38 pin to 16 pin adapter cable and a cheap reader/reset tool - I could get both for about 20 quid? I have read other posts...
  10. B

    Transmission code reader help needed..

    Hi anyone in the Coventry area got a fault code reader as may have a transmission fault. Would like to see codes before just getting fluid replaced. Thanks in advance.
  11. Mrhanky

    icarsoft MBII code reader

    Purchased four months ago (scan tool direct £150 not cheap eBay copy) and only used a couple of times. Its in very good full working condition. It comes with the case, manual update cable, USB dongle, OBD cable and of course the MBII unit. Im sure you know what this is but if not, it is a code...
  12. 1

    Which code reader - 1996 SL600 ?

    I am totally confused as to which fault code reader in need for my 1996 SL600. From what I have read the diagnostic system on this generation is a bit of a hybrid, could someone please explain in layman's terms. I hear the name Star banded about but would prefer to spend less. Thanks in...
  13. MancMike

    ODBii port powers reader, but won't connect

    Hi, Breaking off from this thread, my two ODBii scanners both exhibit the same issue. One is a wifi reader that connects to my phone. The phone connects to the reader no problem, but I get error messages that it cannot read the interface. The other is a handheld reader, again it gets...
  14. M

    W204 CDI code reader

    Which code readers work on the W204 CDI? The U480 does not.
  15. J

    Reader's Car Of The Week: Mercedes CLK63 Black
  16. S

    OBDB reader for C CLass

    I have a 2011 C180 diesel. I have two questions. Does anyone know the content of the service intervals? It says it needs b5 and I would like to do it myself. I would like an OBDB reader to check things and also to kill the service message. Which one is best and specific to Mercedes? I ask...
  17. F

    CLK 500 (209) clock and temp reader "sleeping"

    I'm relatively sure this is a new thing, not something I've just never noticed before; the analogue clock stops when I get out and lock the doors, when I get in later, it will spin round to the correct time, the temp sensor also climbs up from 0 to the right temp when ignition turned on, are...
  18. S

    W204 PCMCIA card reader thing

    That goes into Comand unit so I can plug in an SD card
  19. T

    What's the best code reader for the whole car under £100?

    Hello, I have a check engine light on the 2013 W463 and need to reset the service loght on the 1997 W202. I have had a look at some old threads and it seems that: - the cheapest solutions (generic OBD readers for £10) are limited to engine only - The iCarsoft 980 is OK - Some Autel...
  20. J19 HWS

    Star code reader, essex area

    Hi I have a star reader that covers most if not all Mercedes anyone wishing to take a trip to mine and I would be more than willing to do a readout and print off for you.
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