1. M

    Obd2 readers

    Hi all, looking to get an obd2 reader to allow me see any fault codes that crop up before speaking to the dealer, or for self diagnosis. Was thinking about the icarsoft 980 as a Mercedes specific device. I notice however, that the car manual gives dire warnings about connecting things to the...
  2. M

    engine fault code readers / OBD / Star

    Hi all I have a 2006 Mercedes C180 Kompressor 1.8L. I was wondering if some of the engine fault code readers available for purchase (examples below) would work on the Mercedes to allow me to diagnose fault/read code when the amber engine warning light comes on. (and if so if there is one that...
  3. S

    Code readers

    I'm thinking of spending £150 max on a code reader / diagnostics something that can read all or most of the car and I've see these autel ones on eBay for around £100 has anybody used them or is there any better ones out there any help and advice would be a big help thanks. PS I have a ML270 jan...
  4. 219

    Using EOBD code readers with Merc ?

    The engine management light came on the other night on my C270 , along with the usual drop into 'limp mode' . After restarting 3 or 4 times it would reset and drive normally for a short distance before the fault would come on again . I felt the most likely culprit was the MAF , but not...
  5. J

    Smart phone bluetooth code readers / diagnostics

    Hi all, I have 2002 E320 cdi [210]. Im in the market for a fault code reader. Does anybody have experience of using a bluetooth obd socket unit and android smart phone app? Any thoughts or recommendations ? Thank you
  6. S

    W211 SBC Pump - how predictable is failure with code readers?

    Hi W211 up to late 2006 I understand are notorious for SBC pump failure. Would inspection with code reader or star diagnostic be able to predict the failure in advance? Is it a matter of the count of the number of operations being stored and when maximum is reached pump stopping? If so can...
  7. D

    Mobile Credit Card Readers

    Has anyone used iZettle, SumUp or other mobile credit card payment system? I'm particularly interested to hear from anyone who's used such systems for business sales. My wife has a small but busy hairdressing business. Her turnover is too small to justify the typical £25ish monthly fee for...
  8. A

    plug in code readers for a W211 E class

    Hello Given these cars are almost too complicated for their own good sometimes I wonder if a code reader would be worth investing in? Some seem to be bluetooth and you can either use a smart phone to see whats going on and what if any faults are there. Has anyone got such a device for a E...
  9. G

    Fault Code Readers

    Im thinking about buying a fault code reader for my 2003 W203 instead of getting stung for ££££ everytime the light pops up but have a couple of Questions : Do I just need to get an OBDii reader or is there a particular type I should be looking for. Also can these do damage to the Ecu when...
  10. Mactech

    WhatCar readers vote Mercedes Top 3 Exececutives!

    Well, I can hardly disagree;)
  11. Omega

    Code Readers ?

    Hi all, I've never thought of getting a code reader,,,, I assumed they were too expensive for me. My son has just bought some lesser known germanic car (BMW W-reg 318i) & I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable code readers are for his. It made me think more about looking into it...
  12. Q

    Fault code readers... Worth the money?

    Hi all Does anyone have any experience with the basic plug press read fault code reader/clearer as available on ebay for ~£50? I have a LPG system on my W203 320 (2002) and sometimes this will cause the engine to misfire and light up that lovely amber engine check light. This always shows...
  13. B

    Diagnostic/Fault code readers

    Evening all, not wanting to pay stealer prices and unable to locate a decent indy in newcastle, does any one own there own diag/fault code readers that dont cost the earth, that they could recomend?? flea bay has what seems a compatible tool but just wanting to know what others may be using...
  14. G

    Code Readers ?

    Hi I'm hoping someone could help me , I'm looking to buy my husband a code reader for Christmas as a stocking filler , can anyone tell me if this is one is any good, the main reason that I'm contemplating buying this...
  15. L

    code readers 16 or 32 pin??

    HI, im looking for a fault code reader for my late 2001 clk 320, what connection do i need the 32 or 16 pin???
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Barcode readers on mobile phones

    Does anyone else have one of the new Nokia's with the built in barcode readers? eg, N95 and N82 (Like mine) if so: You can make your own and post them here with THIS :bannana:
  17. B

    Code Readers - Any success?

    Been a while since I first enquired on here about these cheap little gadgets. Bought one on ebay from the states but sent it back as it kept giving the error message. Anyone had any sort of success with those found on fleabay?????
  18. B

    Code Readers????

    I see there are code readers advertised on ebay. Anyone bought one and if so, are they any good? Baxta of the Shires
  19. A

    Pocket obd2 diagnostics / mini code readers

    Has anyone used one of those little pocket diagnostic units that plug into the odb2 port to show fault codes and allow reset / clearing? I know it's not Star Diagnosis, but I was wondering if they are they any good, particularly as I have seen various cheap units priced between £30 and about...
  20. Flip

    ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Readers I have seen this system in action and it is fantastic! :D Checks passing vehicles on a number of databases and flags up all sorts of information, such as those used in crime, stolen, untaxed, used by disqualified drivers etc etc...
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