1. vijilants

    W204 battery charge voltage reading in speedo cluster ?

    Yesterday I called out Mobilo because I had a flat battery on my W204. The engineer that came out jump started it and then was monitoring the voltage values via an engineering menu in the car, but it was being displayed in the centre circle of the speedo. Does anyone know how to access this...
  2. abecketts

    Sytner Audi Reading

    Came across this in the telegraph today, poor, poor guy and I hope due process comes through to punish the management and directors of Sytner
  3. Charles Morgan

    On the correct choice of reading matter for train journeys

    So, off to Norwich to collect my Alfa. I found a first class ticket cost £6 more than cattle class and thought I'd catch up with my reading. My choice, a thick tome on heather, a plant type I hoped to plant in my garden as ground cover to replace the nettles. Lots of pics, plenty of info...
  4. W

    retrofit reading lights

    Has anybody seen any nice LED reading lights that can be retrofitted to cars that lack them? Thinking about something that might attach to the ceiling (magnetic?) or headrests.
  5. Aibonator

    W205 C63s Reading Lights

    Into week 2 of ownership and I've just noticed none of the interior reading lights work? The fuse map doesn't indicate which one they are on. Thought I'd check that first before booking it in at the dealer Any ideas?
  6. S

    Anyone used Motor Carriage Co, nr reading?

    Going to look at this in a few hours: Mercedes-Benz E350 3.0CDI Blue F 7G-Tronic 2012MY Sport High B.H.P Version | eBay Any feedback about the dealer welcome. I spoke with him on phone and seemed very relaxed and genuine Thanks
  7. 320 CLK

    Milage reading

    My C240 speedo is reading the correct speed but the trip seems to be 30% out. It says miles beside it. Seems wierd.:dk:
  8. C

    560 sec speedo over reading

    Gents Have noticed the speedo on my 89 560 sec is over reading considerably compared to my other cars, using the Waze iPhone app and its GPS as a baseline. Eg 40 on Waze = 48-49 on speedo 60 on Waze = 70-72 on speedo Is this a common problem? I have standard 215/65/15 tyres and tyre...
  9. CowleyStJames

    Icarsoft i980 reading DPF

    Can the icarsoft i980 read ash content of the DPF? Seem to remember reading somewhere that it does, but can't see it on the menu.
  10. A

    W124 high temperature reading

    Dear all, Car w124 e220, 1994 Today I noticed the following. While driving for about 20-25mins in normal traffic I noticed the temperature gauge got up to what I think is 100 (see picture). It never went above that mark ever before but it did not come down as quickly as I expected to as I...
  11. OBZ274

    Star Motor Services Reading

    These guys appear to be my closest Inde. Does anybody have any experience regarding them?
  12. M

    Good auto electrian in/near Reading Berks?

    Hi, I have some electrical issues on a w202 C280 sport and would like to know if there are any auto electricians that come recommended in/near Reading, Berkshire. (Siren fuse keeps blowing, so possible siren/disconnection/replacement SAM/heated rear window relay. Can see a few local specialist...
  13. K

    Star Motor Services -Reading

    Just a quick thumbs up to Star Motor Services. Just had my S212 E350cdi in for an A service and ATF and filter change. Friendly, accommodating and professional service. I would highly recommend them. Mark
  14. Harrythedog

    Comand NTG4.5 text message reading

    I have an iPhone 6s and text messages aren't coming through onto the Comand. They worked fine with the iphone 4, any clues ? Thanks
  15. vito-dork

    VITO Dash Speed Reading (change)

    in the middle of the dashboard on my vito at the bottom the speed is in KPH can it be changed to MPH and how please cheers
  16. addbuyer

    AMG water temp reading

    Why does the water temp reading (AMG setting) start at 40 degrees upon the first start up of the day? The oil temp reading is about right with the current external temp so why not the water temp.
  17. M

    Replace reading light buld cls w219

    How do i go about changing the interior reading lights without removing the whole dome unit. I have one blown but im scared to just pry at the plastic cover in case it damages it.
  18. C

    Looking for Recommendations: Bucks / Berks area

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for an independent MB servicing specialist in the Buckinghamshire / Berkshire area (preferably near High Wycombe or Reading). Need to have access to MB online service book. Thanks Cliff
  19. S

    Odometer reading recorded in kilometers at last MOT: how plausible?

    Hi, Still looking for facelift E320CDI Black Facelift saloon, fully loaded. Came across a car with last MOT being a year ago with mileage recorded at 160k, a year before it was just 80k. Seller claims that the car was taken to Europe and last MOT was recorded in miles and in fact it was...
  20. S

    trouble reading W124 E200 codes

    So I made a led flash code reader for the grandfather's e200. And here is what it brought up. Pin6- 2,3,8 'SRS' Pin10-8,13, roadsters soft top( not correct dosent add up) Pin12- staying on constant?? ( infrared remote) is faulty Only thing is the document that I'm reading off says that pin...
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