1. brucemillar

    Ready for the road. Bring it on !!

    My 30 year old 4-Matic made to look young by my 45 year old Raleigh Chopper.
  2. french

    WARNING - Only read if you have some kleenex at the ready

    Sniffle - sniffle ,sorry lads not sure whats come over me ....must be someone spraying something .... NON RUNNER / ULTRA RARE TWIN TURBO CADILLAC WAGON, BLS MET BLACK PRIVATE PLATE

    W124 convertible- L618RKU ready car . Com warwickshire

    Long shot, but does anyone have any info on a blue / black 320ce convertible reg L618RKU currently for sale from readycar in Warwickshire. I have rang them to try and find more info out before making a journey up there, but they are pretty short on the details Thanks a lot
  4. AMGeed

    Getting ready for BOTG 2017

    Nice day, so made a start on the engine bay in readiness for this weekends BOTG meeting. Washedthe body and added Sonax BDS as well, but that will be done again Friday.
  5. JoeyM88

    Ready for MSL on Monday

    Give the car a wash ready for the trip down to MSL on Monday morning. Looking forward to seeing the dynos and end result! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. J

    Car Ready for BOTG

    The SL55 had its annual detail by Ed at Divine Detail and looks fantastic. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  7. Herishi

    W211 3.0L V6 ready to visit Acid @ MSL

    ready for her visit to see Acid on Monday :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. D

    Preparations all done ready for my 65mm pulley and Eurocharged remap

    Well my 65mm pulley I ordered from IBF in Poland left Poland last Thursday via GLS post and it's now sat at my local Parcel Force depot ready for delivery tomorrow (not bad going IMO), I've also booked with Eurocharged for the end of the week, can't wait...... In preparation for it's power...
  9. swaziboy

    SOS Not Ready

    Am I correct in saying that for the emergency SOS function to work the SOS state should be 'SOS ready', in green in the telephone screen? Mine always says 'SOS not ready' in red? Car is a W205 with Comand...
  10. O

    Are you ready for love?

    Apparently only available to you if you are ready for love and sure to make you feel like a Rocket Man (according to the advert)- Elton Johns S600 available for a bargain £35K. May just pass on that one.
  11. jasandson

    original 15" amg ready to paint

    these are all rubbed down ready to paint to your colour ORIGINAL amg,,,,i believe 5x112 collection banbury oxfordshire tyres now removed as shot to bits,all centre caps included ,i think £200 is a fair price but open to offers be good for a original car 07508986977
  12. jasandson

    original 15" amg alloys ready for paint

    15" original amg aloys with centre caps,i think 5x112 (need to check) located in banbury oxfordshire these are all flatted down ready for repainting £200 for all and tyres now removed as all were bald ,,thgats all the info i know guys someone else may know more :)
  13. M

    289HP Rare Track Ready 1989 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo 1

    Simply awesome. From the article: 289 hp is serious for a 2.5L 4-cylinder, as eclipsing the 100hp/L ratio is always a mark of distinction for naturally aspirate engines, particularly from 30 years ago. USA-spec cars never got the 2.5L, and certainly none of the other modifications shown...
  14. O

    Finally - W124 is ready to share !

    Hi All, I've been a regular visitor to the forum for a couple of years so these photo's are well overdue. The work below has now all been completed which only leaves a new accelerator cable left to do ! - new shocks and springs all round - wiring loom repaired (done by Tony Leach...
  15. flango

    Time for a new toy, Garage ready and waiting

    OK well it's come to that time in my life that I'm solvent again :thumb: Daughter just finished University so fees, living and housing expenses all now done with and I have disposable income again :D So its time for a new toy and I'm fancying one of these Noble M12 GTO-3R Has any one on...
  16. R

    Ready at last :)
  17. R

    Getting ready for the GTG!

    1. Paint warranty claim. Tick 2. New MOT. Tick 3. New Windscreen. Tick 4. Kerb rash repair.TBA 5. Stone chips. Made a start! 6. Complete detail. To be started! It's going to be a busy week
  18. A

    Ready for remap but....

    Now ready for to get a remap sorted for my W211 E63 AMG but I also want the gearbox remapped. Can anyone tell if this is possible? Would love it if i could get my car to plip on down shifts!!!!
  19. R

    Finished (Ready for the new season)

    Well it was a sunny day and so I did it all again using AG products and I also put my summer wheels on :) PS. No machines were used, just elbow grease! Reflections :) Side shot Rear Summer wheels Engine Bay New Garage layout :)
  20. A

    Cleaned the bus ready for the Sun!!!!

    2x layers of polish and 1x layer of sealant! Still only done 34k so immaculate. Pleased I am.
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