1. M

    Get ready to be......

    :eek: :eek: :eek: This is on a 58 plate and i would really like to know what the person driving was thinking when they decided to re model the car! Description given: 'Indication of damage, but not limited to MERCEDES-BENZ/C 63 AMG ALL PANELS APART FROM N/S DOORS, BONNET, F/BUMP, F/PANEL...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    New E-Class coupe/CLK replacment nearly ready!

    Mercedes E-Class Coupe in Black Almost Free of Camo Nice to see that they have gone for a more aggressive look like the orginal W208, looks like a baby CL!
  3. D

    New E-class almost ready - wedge shape, very sexy

    Mercedes E-Class Spy Photos Give Another Glimpse at Display Screen similar to the new C-class. The tail lights are different for saloon and estate
  4. M

    Sony CDX-GT710 CD player IPOD ready.

    Full details here:- As new condition, 5 months old comes complete boxed with all instructions etc... Plays MP3 formats and has a direct IPOD plug in capability...
  5. PaulE230

    Put a coat of this stuff on ready for the winter also its great on SIlver paint
  6. Ian B Walker

    Get Ready Kids
  7. Satch

    Ready made GTG 9 September, Surrey

    Rather shamefully could not make the South East Berkshire MB Club GTG last evening. However by way of atonement and because it requires little thought or effort whatsoever, there is an opportunity for a GTG that has a huge advantage: when you can no longer stand W124 owners gloating that...
  8. nickg

    HD ready - LCD or rear pro

    Going to buy a big telly for our new tv room. 37" plus. Want to spend considerably less than £2k if poss and have been pondering over getting a rear pro (Sagem, 45", v good review) or an LCD panel - toshiba do a 37" at around £1800. Any views? Will be watching mainly Sky - sport in particular...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Video Game Bargin madness, get your Credit Cards ready!!!

    (My 1000th post) Looked on Amazon and there are some mighty bargains! Super Mario Ball £4.96 Rayman DS - £11.96 Sprung - DS £7.96 Project Rub DS - £11.96 Spyro Heroes Tail - Gamecube £6.96 Black and Bruised - Gamecube £3.96 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - Gamecube £13.96...
  10. B

    1998 W202 Valuation Ready For Sale.

    Hi. I will soon be selling my 1998 W202 facelift C Class and would like your opinion on what price to advertise it for privately. The specification is as follows:- 1998 'R' Reg 'W202' Facelift C-Class Classic C180 Classic Trim 76,000 Miles MB Service history to 58,000. Last 2 services...
  11. IanT

    Serviced and ready to roll...

    Took the E to Rawsons today for it's 163k mile service. £650 lighter now... B service, 4 new glowplugs, brake fluid change, oil and filters... They also supplied (for me to fit) new ball joints and a new fog lamp lens. But the bit I really want to know is whether the rust warranty will...
  12. Brian WH

    Are We Ready For The SNOW

    The forecast for next week is a worry. :devil: Are we all ready for the BIG FREEZE and SNOW? At the ready - Boots,antifreeze,de-icer, blankets etc???? :crazy: :crazy: Scotland looks the worst and the coasts of England and Wales. :crazy: BE PREPARED, don't get caught out and...
  13. Koolvin

    Get ready to drool!

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