1. mat8n

    Is there a realistic alternative to an SL?

    I'm always wanting to upgrade my old SL350 R230 to a newer more powerful cabrio. Ive always hankered after a Bentley gtc but my budget of £40k-£69k has always but a block on that and I've been put off by everyone! Same with Astons. Yesterday I nearly bought a 2011 911(997)carrera gts...
  2. MercedesDriver

    Being realistic in a W210 valuation

    Brainstorming how to be realistic in car valuation. MB E200 kompressor Classic W210 2001 saloon Auto. 55k miles with full service history (all MB + 1 Specialist) Cloth interior Audio 10 CD A/C Never involved in any incident Two sets of wheels (Winter-on alloys+Summer-on steels) Starts bubbling...
  3. L

    Used SL 55 AMG in original white colour = Realistic expectation or not?

    Hey all, wanted to introduce myself, I'm in the market for my first real car, I love SL 55s in white, now Iv been watching the market for several months now and so far none have come up in original white, some old model cat d resprays and some wraps but I'm not interested in that, So I'm...
  4. J

    optimistic or realistic????

  5. jukie

    W210 E320CDi - too much?

    2002 02 MERCEDES E320 CDI AVANTGARDE AUTO LTD EDITION on eBay (end time 11-Aug-10 17:52:58 BST) Even allowing for the extras, I think this is overpriced. What's a more realistic price? Or am I wrong?
  6. A

    Realistic price for my COMMAND unit in a 51, E class?

    I'm tempted down the Alpine/Kenwood double din route! So what would be a sensible price for my COMMAND unit? With 2008 update sat nav disk??
  7. PJayUK

    Is a 1991 420SEC realistic as a daily driver?

    I have been offered a very nice 1991 420SEC, in good condition with 93,500 showing on the clock. Its got a full service history and drives like a dream. This is proper head ruling the heart stuff, it looks absolutely stunning with no rust and its one of those cars that just gets me going when I...
  8. chriswt

    Your ultimate realistic dream car

    Does anyone else suffer from that terrible condition where you feel compelled to torture yourself by looking on Ebay/Pistonheads/Autotrader to see if your ultimate ‘dream car’ is up for sale. When I say dream car I mean the realistic one that you've always hankered after and is may be only 5...
  9. chriswt

    A realistic R&B love song! It made me laugh anyway!!!
  10. M

    Realistic Service Interval for E270

    Close (very) to buying a E270CDi - but keen to find out what a realistic service interval is - also any rough idea of cost TIA
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