1. whitenemesis

    Daleks Become a Reality

    Run for the stairs !! .... :D [YOUTUBE HD]pFPwrC6Mba8[/YOUTUBE HD] China reveals robot police that can zap rioters with electricity
  2. karozza

    SL55 BHP in reality??

    They started off in 2002 with 476BHP & after initial production were marketed as actually 500BHP, at least I have the amended booklet!? I haven't put mine in a Dyno yet but what did/do they really have?? Some say they were actually less in reality :confused:
  3. c_200k

    LG Ultra Reality Prank

    Just seen this, bloody hilarious:D LG Ultra Reality Meteor Prank So Real It's Scary 3 HD - YouTube
  4. developer

    More Car Crash Reality TV on BBC3 now

    The Call Centre. And the boss claims to have never seen The Office or know who David Brent is.....
  5. nick mercedes

    robocop to become reality?

    "government plans for police privatisation" Revealed: government plans for police privatisation | UK news | The Guardian
  6. flango

    Reality Check / Unbiased advice ML

    I'm seeking advice yet again this time on the ML, seems like all my family want to change their car at the moment and my Niece needs a family wagon to acommadate the troop and with a track up to their house a 4x4 is useful so is looking at us trying to source an ML of 2000- 2002 vintage. Now I...
  7. fabes

    Advice - reality check on a 220CDI

    Evening Simple, easy (and silly) question, but just to check the following...:confused: 1. the C220cdi is has a chain, not a cambelt? 2. It shouldn't need a mandatory change for well over 100,000 miles? Had a debate with a chap in the office who is so often correct I wanted to check the...
  8. The Boss

    Your dose of reality check!

    BBC NEWS | England | London | Gumtree buyer stabbed in heart
  9. P

    what does approved used in reality mean

    Hello to all mercedes club members.I have recently purchased a 2 yr old mercedes 350CLS via the internet from a main dealer.It is the first Mercedes that I have bought.It has 19inch AMG alloys.It is going into the garage under the mercedes benz approved used scheme. My question is what does does...
  10. KNU7S

    When a (slightly drunken) thought becomes reality

    Sitting around the house one quiet Sunday, a glass or 3 of white wine, looking at cars on ebay or the local paper thinking what you really want to buy! 4 weeks ago i was doing this, and i had set my heart on a CLK55 2004 or newer to replace or '91 500SL, however with another baby on the way it...
  11. kikkthecat

    Insurance, hype and reality

    Well I got my renewal this morning and spent many a happy hour doing the round of all the usual suspects just to see what was available. My renewal is with Esure and came in at £293.65 including 11 years no claims discount of 72%. I'm quite happy with it but as the car is 10 years old I...
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