1. S

    Help rear passenger RHS door will not open S212 and childlocked

    Hi, Help rear door will not open S212 and childlocked. Handle on outside gone limp! Door child locked and will not open from inside or out.
  2. Y

    W639 Rear diff mount bushes

    Hi. The bushes in the bracket that mounts the (rear of the) Diff to the chassis (and takes up drive torque/resists diff twisting), have perished. Are these available separate to the aluminium holder ? They have the part number (as best as I can make out) A 639 988 05 10 but googling this...
  3. W

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    Received my W213 this week, but it has fixed rear seats. Does anybody have any experience of retrofitting folding rear seats? Thanks
  4. S

    A209 CLK320 2003 roof not quite closing correctly by rear windscreen

    My roof closes fine but at the very last moment when the fabric tucks into the rear windscreen, a small section of material about the size of half a golf ball bunches up and sits as a clump on the outside edge of the rear windscreen on the lower right hand corner. If I stop the mechanism from...
  5. Gledsyc63

    C63 rear ipe exhaust

    Used for around 3500 mile. £1750 Or can part ex a standard rear system. I'm located 20 minutes from msl performance north who will be able to fit this for you. Standard chrome tips. All electronics have been kept inside the car so are in good condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. -AJC-

    Wanted - ML W164 Rear Propshaft

    Desperately need a replacement rear propshaft for my 2006 ML 320 CDI. The car is fitted with the off-road package and consequently the propshaft is approx 60mm shorter than standard. The correct part number is A1644101502, which has since been superseded by A1644103202. If you have one...
  7. A

    W204 C63 Rear bumper/arch flares.

    Some cars have the 2 piece flares on some have just a small flare on the back bumper. Why is this ? Option ?
  8. C

    w211/w219 rear subframe bushes DIY?

    hello guys, after the cars been in for a check up today, the garage suggested it could do with its rear subframe bushes replacing. Anyone done this DIY? Id like to have the subframe itself sand blasted and repainted while its off, so wouldnt be suitable to give to a garage to do.... C
  9. T

    Rear tyre extreme wear on one wheel. W211?

    Just noticed this. The NSR tyre has worn down to the wires on the inside shoulder.:eek: The outside shoulder is bald too (which is what caught my eye) but nowhere near as bad. The middle of the tread is ok though. The other rear tyre is fine and the car seems to drive ok, with the steering...
  10. AngryDog

    W211 rear Mercedes star for boot, saloon.

    Anyone got one kicking about that they want to sell?
  11. CowleyStJames

    S212 rear undertray part number

    Hi guys, I have a 2011 S212 E250 with a damaged rear undertray. Can anyone post up the part number so I can search out a replacement. I know that I can go to a main dealer but they won't give me the part number even after I asked him for it
  12. Adeinfrance

    300CE rear screen

    Hi. Just cleaned the car and have noticed that one of the joining clips for the chrome trim around the rear screen has disappeared! The car hasn't been moved and have searched the drive without success so it's a bit of a mystery. Don't suppose anybody's breaking a coupe and has one of these? I...
  13. guydewdney

    Sprinter rear lights

    Hello Back again. Got a sprinter now. 2007 with startship mileage. Anyway. Today involved adding a reverse camera and tow bar. Fitted camera first. Tested fine. All done and dusted. Fitted towbar, really easy, except the wiring. I paid extra for a kit specific to the sprinter...
  14. E

    Plugs on the rear of the w204 ntg4.5

    HI can any one tell me what the blue connector on the back of the stereo is, cannot find any stereos with that colour connection
  15. K

    W211 Rear Bumper Help please

    2005 E Class Estate rear bumper. I wonder if any of you kind people could advise the best route of putting my rear bumper back to where it should be. I'm not sure how it came unclipped, but It won't seem to push back in (even with force). Is there a trick? I'm not massively mechanically...
  16. AngryDog

    E55 rear discs

    How much are these from MB? What make are they as I expect they have them made? Cheers.
  17. mbsilver

    retro fit auto dimming rear mirror on c class w205

    I've seen a couple of posts suggesting it is possible and is easy to fit? My soon to arrive c class is SE Executive variation and annoyingly has no options for this Anyone seen any such retro fitting for a auto dimming rear mirror? Thanks in advance Ken Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  18. W

    S203 rear center headrest removal for anyone interested.

    Hi guys, I have posted on several forums without a single answer, so after much experimentation I have finally worked out how to remove the centre headrest. My car is a UK spec Mercedes c class c200 Avantgarde Kompressor 1998 cc 2001 year estate. The rear seat has 3 headrests, the 2 outside...
  19. PhilLinda

    Rear bumper alignment adjustment

    I've recently purchase a C class coupé (C204) and noticed that the OSR bumper doesn't quite align underneath the rear light correctly. The light sticks out by a few mm. I took off the light and the bumper seems to be attached correctly to the mounting and there's no obvious adjustment. Does...
  20. astamir

    c63 19" rear alloy wheel

    Hi guys I'm after one rear 19" multispoke alloy wheel for c63 et54 and 9j if I'm not mistaken))) If anyone selling one please give me a shout. Thanks
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