1. smillion

    DRLs don't mean rears are on!!! Is it me ?

    Day after day in fog, rain and dusk, the number of cars with no lights or relying on their front facing Daylight Running Lights, seems huge. I know my own automatic lights don't always activate in fog, but I have the sense nonetheless to switch them on manually. And as for rain etc. I travel...
  2. D

    Run Flat fronts and Normal Rears

    Hi guys I've been looking for a couple of new rears over the last few weeks due to low tread, and through enquiries I learnt that I should not mix normal and run flat tyres I drive a 64 plate C220 AMG and the previous tyres were Conti Sport Contact 5 SSR. There is an independent...
  3. D

    Contisport3s or F1 asym for e55 rears?

    Anyone care to comment. Both about the same price from blackcircles. Thanks David
  4. T

    4 x 18" wheels for sale, rears larger thn fronts. From my CLS, but will fit many MB

  5. Mo-benz

    C63-PPP -can I fit 17x8-9 rims on rears with 40 profiles?

    Hi all, looking to get grip and speed handling on c63 supercharged car on the rear axles I have 19" multies on right now but would like to put 17" on back to get max grip and : for road use only I don't do tracks Can anyone recommend the 17" rims as I was thinking of this profile of ...
  6. John

    New rears - but for a different use...

    So I am going to be doing a half day session with a race car driver in my own car. I am going to use my old 18s as the 19s could possibly foul the arches under extreme cornering and the (not cheap) tyres could well be wiped out after a short time. The fronts are reasonable (MPS2) but...
  7. Halcyon Days

    AMG III rears on the front?

    Just a thought experiment, I don't like the front wheels of my car, but I like the rear wheels.. The rears are nicely dished in, the front seem a little dished out (These are the 18" staggered standard AMG / Ronal wheels on the CLK Sport) So my question is... If I could find two rears...
  8. portzy

    Balanced rears?

    Probably a dumb question but here goes..... With a staggered set up where the rear wheels are never going to be put on the steered front axles, is there any detriment to not having those rears balanced?
  9. just240

    C55 - changed to 255 width rears.... Tyre fitter query

    Hi everyone, I require a bit of info from any AMG drivers who have 255 section rear tres. Firstly, I'll explain my situation - my c55 needed new rear tyres - I put the car into a national chain tyre fitters & asked them to replace my standard 245/35/18 PIRELLI P-Zero ROSSO tyres with 255/35/18...
  10. C

    What brake fluid and how many litres to bleed the front and rears

    Having concluded my life is worth more than £160 (after members discount on ECP) for new Pagid brake discs, pads and sensors I thought i may aswell go the extra mile and bleed all the brakes after installation. :bannana: I have a few questions which I would appreciate if anyone could help me...
  11. tonyloz

    Best 245/40/17 rears for W204?

    Gents, After the nasty nail in tyre discovered today and £21 repair bill , closer inspection shows I'll be needing some new rears soon. What's the best tyre combo recommended for the W204 CDI Sport Estate. Also who's best for on-line price and fitting in your experience.I was hoping to replace...
  12. S

    Mercedes w124 clear rears & fronts (250d, 300d, E200)

    For sale is the rear lights in clear. These are genuine with the reflectors on the indicator housing. Two fronts are genuine but one has a hair line crack and chip in corner. One brand new front which perhaps you can swap with a breaker to complete the other set. Two side repeaters (in...
  13. I

    Upgrade w204 to LED rears?

    As soon as I find the right car at the right price, I'll be buying a w204 c220 sport. I see the newer versions have LED rear lights. I've found some on e-bay for a couple of hundred. Does anyone now if I can just remove the old ones and replace with new LED units? Any advice gratefully received.
  14. G

    Tyre wear on rears

    I have a W208 320 and I'm having to replace the rear tyres. Both are worn on the inside edge which I thought strange. I know aggressive cornering will wear outside edges and tyre pressures can wear middle or both edges, but how do you wear an inside edge? Is camber adjustable on these? The wear...
  15. M

    18" Segin must have wider rears

    Guys, I need another set of segins in the staggered 18x8 & 18x9, dont mind what finish is on the wheels as they will be polished anyway, pic for those who dont know what they look like
  16. whitenemesis

    W203 Seats - Ventilated Fronts & Heated Rears

    Just how cool is this? :cool: Orthopedic and ventillated front seats, plus heated rear seats. One for tudu perhaps? Since you loved Guido's S class seats sooo much :D
  17. C

    C240yaz. 9.5 rears. 8.5 fronts

    Manage attachments option not listed
  18. B

    Will 9.5" rears have adverse affects on performance?

    Good evening everyone! I'm looking at a possible wheel upgrade and I've found a set I like. However they sell them with two options. Option 1 is 18x8 all round. Option 2 is 18.8.5 front, and 18x9.5 rear. I looked in the sticky and it lists upto 18x10 on the rear so they should fit...
  19. N

    Front tyres bigger than the rears??

    Hi, I was looking at my steering (see other post) and I've just noticed that my front tyres are 205 and the rears are 195. Is this correct? Shurely shome mishtake? (I have the standard factory alloys) Thanks Nick Mann 1997 c240 Elegance Estate
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