1. Sheffield Col

    w204 recall.

    I have just been reading about a common problem with the c class steering lock, maybe it's not just the c class. Does any one know if there has been a recall for this issue ?
  2. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  3. C

    W212 VOSA recall?

    Help required; With the lack of start and end build dates, and no VIN numbers present - does anybody know if this recall affects all 2010 e Class? Recall Details for MERCEDES BENZ - C & E Class ( 204, 207, 212 )=
  4. M

    New Recall

    Hi guys, just heard on the news MB are to recall 75000 cars all classes between 2015 - 2017 some kind of fire risk. Does anyone know the details
  5. A

    Recall in the UK

    Daimler recalls 75,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in UK - BBC News Has anyone had their car recalled
  6. V8AMG

    Daimler UK recall - fire risk Unfortunately looks like the UK will have a significant number of recalls.
  7. B

    Mercedes in mass recall of late models.

    Mercedes-Benz to recall one million vehicles worldwide over fire risk - ITV News
  8. grober

    Oh Dear! TOTAL RECALL 2012

    Watched this last night. Special effects have vastly improved but not a patch on the original I'm afraid. [YOUTUBE HD]sWMhADqlPYg[/YOUTUBE HD]

    Airbag Recall's

    For any of you chaps that hav'nt seen this info yet this could be interesting. Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog Alfie
  10. W

    Help. srs lamp flashing after recall

    Hi, wonder if a knowledgable person on here can help me with a problem on 2007 c220 sport w204... Got a letter from Mercedes saying my car has a recall to replace SRS control unit Took it in today and when I picked it up the service guy said there's a fault on passenger seat pad and module...
  11. vijilants

    W204 SRS controller safety recall

    Just had a letter through the post from MB to get my W204 pre facelift in to a dealership for a safety recall. The SRS controller needs to be replaced immediately. Anyone else had the same ?
  12. M

    recall explination

    Recall Details for MERCEDES BENZ - S - CLASS Can anybody explain this recall and what car it applies too. Thanks:D
  13. gary350

    Safety Recall R/2015/210 nov 2015

    Daughter got a letter stating that there was a problem on cars made in the last 3/4 months naming various models (hers is an A class), and others seems to be exhaust camshaft problem she called her local MB dealer in Bridgend (south wales) they were in the dark asked her to call the bigger MB...
  14. easyonthegas

    W205 recall

    Just received a recall notice from MB for W205 (YOM late 2014) They want to renew a timing belt oil seal which will be an all day repair job
  15. grober

    Recall potential fire hazard

    Reported elsewhere but haven't read this here. Apologies if its been posted before. Reference : R/2015/041 Manufacturer Ref : SRPC1501 Make: MERCEDES BENZ Model : E-Class & CLS Class Launch Date : 23/03/2015 Numbers Involved : 3877 Build Start Date : 01/07/2012 Build End Date : 31/12/2014...
  16. grober

    VAG to recall half a million cars in the US.

    VW have been found guilty of using specific software to fiddle their smog emission test results. :o:o:o The cars ECU was programmed to detect when the car was being tested for smog emission as opposed to driving along the road normally and switch to a smog emission lowering mode for the...
  17. m2mb

    skf recall

    Hi all, I copied the below from today's eu-'rapex' report about batch of skf bearings. May be useful to some. Serious risk Category: Other Product: Wheel bearings Brand: SKF Name: Unknown Type/number of model: Wheel bearings set. Sales description: VKBA 3620, VKBA 6507, VKBA 6612 Batch...
  18. daveenty

    E63 Recall

    Just had a letter from MB this morning telling me that the car needs to go in for an issue. :mad: Headed: Retrofit retaining clamps for edge guard (engine compartment seal) I'm not typing all the letter out, but apparently there's a slight risk that this seal could come "partially detached...
  19. MercedesDriver

    Latest W212 & C218 recall

    Just a heads-up for you guys.
  20. G

    Merc E300 Hybrid - recall

    Hi All, Just had a letter from MB stating there's a recall on E300s (and I would imagine E250s) for the Timing chain Tensioner. For reference, my E300 is a 64 plate.
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