1. J

    Trustworthy Benz Transmission Specialist Reccomendation?

    Really getting on top of my car now and every day I tick off on another job and it just gets better and better :thumb: Car is a 89 w124 230e with the 722 Transmission ;) However there's question over the transmission? It can be a bit bumpy changing gears and it flares up 3-4 but only when cold...
  2. Tim203

    Tyre reccomendation and brakes question.

    I have just changed the meat slicer spare back for a new front tyre that Mrs. 203 unfortunately curbed in the petrol station. I'd forgotten we had already done 12 k on the Marshall Matracs and can thoroughly recommend them. Wear is even, grip fine and they run quietly as well as the car driving...
  3. S

    OT: movie reccomendation - elephant

    if you ahve watched bowling for coloumbine and liked that film then you will like this it is sort of what went on that day focusing on different things, they kept a lot of detail liek the shooters telling one person they liked to hop it but they changed some pretty big bits in it tho...
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