1. M

    Mercedes Me - Address not being received in Car

    When I send an address from the Mercedes Me App on my iphone it is no longer received. It says address sent but eventually returns an error message. I've tried setting up Mercedes Me in maps but that doesn't work either. It was working fine up until few weeks ago. I would be grateful for...
  2. iRadiate

    C350e: Received a shock from the door handle

    Hi everyone. My car is on charge and I wanted to go in to take a look at how much it's charged up. I've done this many times without incident but today I did it bare foot and received a shock to my hand when I touched the driver side door handle. Not a bad one but enough to make me want to put...
  3. lisa110rry

    A great big 'thank you' for the technical help I've received from this forum

    I thought this message was more appropriate here than in the Technical Section, if not, please move it. My little green car is a plaything that I only use for part of the year, so I know that if she starts getting expensive I will have to give her up. So when, at the end of the last summer...
  4. I

    Just received CLK, a couple of questions.

    Hi all, Just picked up my facelift CLK 200 Kompressor yesterday, and I absolutely love it! Just a couple of questions I had that maybe some more experienced people could help me with. Apologies if this has been asked before, I tried searching and couldn't find the answers. 1. What is...
  5. W

    'Backfire' issue, any help gratefully received!

    Hi everyone, I'm coming to you cap in hand for any advice, and help, you could give me, regarding an ongoing issue I have with my '94 S124 E280. I recently inherited this car from my father, who had owned it for over 10 years. When it came to me, it had a hideous misfire, which it had...
  6. N

    Just agreed to buy a 10 plate ML 300 Blue Eff - any advice gratefully received!

    So today I pulled the trigger and paid a deposit on a 2010 ML300 which I have not even seen and is over 200 miles away from me! Yes I am probably bonkers but having bought my last 3 cars without seeing them I hope I won't be disappointed when I go and collect it (possibly this weekend) but I...
  7. F

    ABC seal kit I received today.

    Just a heads up for fellow British ABC owners. I sent of for the ABC seal kit #MBZABCSEALK from California and it only took 3 days to get to me here in the UK. $115 all in. The company is called invasion auto products. Outstanding service:thumb: Now you know.
  8. Harrythedog

    Anyone received a parking ticket in London in a suspended bay?

    .......then watch Inside Out BBC 1 (London) at 7:30pm tonight. (also available on iPlayer). Apparently there are some 364000+ illegally isued tickets as the councils had no authority to make up there own signs, so pile in and get your money back!
  9. SL300-24

    W211 urgent safety recall received - Estate produced between July 2006 and April 2009

    Today...... Check level sensor linkage at rear axle....replace if necessary Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 recall | Latest car news on Euro DB Automotive same as this one in the link, anyone know anything about it?
  10. D

    C36 VVT Issues, Advice Greatly Received.

    Right, I'll start from the top... On this C36 we set the camshaft timing with the exhaust camshaft timing marks 4mm clockwise and the inlet camshaft 2mm clockwise from the C280 marks. On the exhaust camshaft we located the pulley using the dowel hole in the pulley marked with a 'U' by AMG...
  11. John

    Would you use a company again if you received poor customer service?

    In relation to this thread: I'm interested to find out what you all think so please vote accordingly:
  12. Rayza

    Received Build Date - C250 CDi

    Just wanted to share the news that dealer has advised build date for my car is 29th March and will be ready to pick up 15th April. Not too long to go even though I hate waiting (guess most do). I presume this date is an ever moving date and can pull or push? Details of car ordered are...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    2013 SL Class - Press Release

    The all-new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Press Release Lightweight, athletic, luxurious MONTVALE, NJ - The all-new 2013 SL continues a tradition that began 60 years ago. For six decades the letters "SL" have been synonymous with a blend of sport, style and comfort - infused with groundbreaking...
  14. M

    Anyone Else Received This!

    I got this email this morning which seems to suggest they got my details here. Hello, I hope you are fine and all is well with you. I got your contact as i was looking for a good relationship in this sites ( I am sorry to bother you with my proposal for a relationship with...
  15. D

    And I haven't even received the V5 yet....

    I really didn't get on with the S-Class at all. I sorted a couple of niggles out, but it just wasn't to my taste. At all. So..... I got rid and got myself a V220 CDi Ambiente Auto. Full leather, 7 Seater etc etc. If I had been sensible in the first place, it is what I should have bought...
  16. crockers

    Received this from MB Swindon....

    • Cars up to 1 year old receive 5% towards maintenance costs.* • Cars 1-2 years old receive 10% towards maintenance costs.* • Cars 2 years old and over receive 20% towards maintenance costs.* • Half price MOT Test with every service. • Complimentary health/safety check • 20% towards...
  17. D

    Did you received any letter from Virgin Media or other ISPs?
  18. S

    Do I need to notify my insurer if I've received 3 points?

    The thread title says it all. Do I need to notify my insurer immediately or do I wait until I renew? I'm uncertain if I'm "obliged" to do so and I'd rather avoid paying OTT "admin" fees where possible! :)
  19. ShinyF1

    Just received this email - how unfair....

    To: ShinyF1 RE: Tickets! Rugby World Cup Final Tickets ! I have access to 3 tickets for the England v South Africa rugby world cup final tomorrow - Unfortunately, I cannot make it. This is a once in a life time opportunity Tickets are £225 each - Face Value The tickets are Category 4 in...
  20. D

    View received SMS on Audio 20 via bluetooth

    Could anyone tell me how to view a received SMS? I have the Audio 20 system in my car linked to my Nokia 8800 using the bluetooth kit. When I receive a message I get a beep form the speakers and a message icon is displayed on the Audio 20 system. I cannot for the life of me work out how to...
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