1. Z

    R230 SL55 central locking radio receiver amplifier

    Hi I've just got myself a SL55. One small problem is that the key only locks and unlocks the car when it is close to the handles using IR. MBS Southampton have said that the key is transmitting radio but the receiver amplifier on the car needs changing. Any idea where that is and the part...
  2. D

    MB DAB receiver retrofit c250 w204 Done it DIY

    hello everyone. I am posted I while ago in general discussion forum. I am getting emails to explain in more details how to do it, so I updated my post with a bit more info how to fit MB DAB radio. maybe my tread will be usefull link here...
  3. nickjonesn4

    Bluetooth Receiver

    Just picked this up on the cheap on Amazon works really well and doesn't interfere with the Viseoo I use for my phone bluetooth. sound quality is great and 10 hours of charge
  4. Jim55

    Bluetooth receiver

    Anybody recommend one to sit in glove box so I can stream my spotify from an android phone without leads trailing to the phone
  5. T

    Yamaha AV Receiver

    I have one of these for sale brand new open box, all manuals, set up mic included. Yamaha RXV477 Black | AV Receiver | Richer Sounds SWMBO didn't like it in the TV stand. Looking for close to £180 free delivery in SE London or shipping at cost.
  6. KoFidee

    Satellite receiver

    Anyone here use alternative box to sky? There is so much more out there when you have choice I have a Vu+Duo2 motorised"not cheap " but a great bit of kit gives me freedom of choice when My Son is hogging the sky remote LoL
  7. dubsR33

    what command unit and freeview receiver?

    Hello everyone ive done quite a lot of searching on this but cant find the answer sorry.. firstly whats the name of my command unit in my clk? ive been reading that you can connect a digital freeview tv receiver to this head unit from a connection in the boot? is so, what...
  8. D

    Kenwood DNX5240BT 6.1" Double-DIN Bluetooth GPS Nav System CD DVD Receiver

    Kenwood DNX5240BT 6.1" Double-DIN Bluetooth GPS Nav System CD DVD Receiver used and box in good nick 2DIN DVD-Receiver with USB interface, Navigation & Bluetooth built-in Kenwood’s best selling all-in-one multimedia unit has many of the features of its more expensive siblings with a...
  9. M

    W211 locking location of rf receiver

    I wondered if any one can help my infra red locking works but the Rf doesn't I have check and replaced the batteries and all ok The car is an estate and I am not sure where the receiver is located I have found the aerial amplifier but I seem to remember that the Rf receiver is located...
  10. alanuk400

    Bluetooth Receiver A2DP option for those with an Aux input

    I came across this as an inexpensive way to stream music from your phone, ipad etc by bluetooth iStream Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver | Aluratek it is a stand alone power unit recharged with 5v cigar charger (or plugged into the power permanently) and plugged into the Aux socket Seems you...
  11. mark_le_b

    DIY Air-Con Condenser & Receiver Drier Change on W210 E55??

    My air con is not working and was told that the condenser has a hole, so allowing gas to excape (was told this last time it was in at indie for something else) - haven't changed until now as not been necessary - but am off to France on a long drive and would prefer to stay cool on the journey...
  12. N

    Need receiver: Logitech EX 100 Cordless keyboard & mouse

    I've been given a new, boxed Logitech EX 100 cordless keyboard & mouse which had 'never been opened'. The USB wireless receiver appears to have evaporated out of the box & so kb & m are useless. Strange, because it does look like it's never been opened. Anyhoo, I think this is what originally...
  13. R

    Wireless transmitter / receiver for rear view camera

    Wireless transmitter / receiver for rear view camera. Ideal for large car / SUV / caravan / mobile home / trailer, etc. New, I bought it in US but never actually used it. All wires clearly marked, so very simple setup and you don't have to dig up your door sills to run the cables...
  14. brens-e200

    w210 Bonnet receiver replacement ?

    hi all, i have to replace the bonnet receiver that's on the slam-panel ( passenger side ) on my 1999 e240 and was wondering if there is anyone out there who has done this before or any gotchas I need to be aware of before i start . thanks in advance brendan
  15. Tan

    AV Receiver

    Hi I am looking to buy an AV receiver for a simple home cinema set up. I wont be using the system a lot so don't intend to spend a fortune on this. As the room set up is not really the right shape to have a full surround set up, I will be going for a 2.1 configuration. I have decided on...
  16. Blackman

    W124 Pioneer CD Receiver Installation

    I had some crappy JVC tape radio on my W124, which wasn't even working, so decided to remove that and put a nice Pionner CD receiver. The problem is that the JVC was connected by a completely different plug, and it's obvious that I need some kind of adapter, but don't know which one? :confused...
  17. H

    infra red receiver

    Can any one help me to change the UR receiver on the door handle on my 2002 C220CDI, how do I remove to door card etc thanks
  18. P

    Location of the gps receiver in a w203

    Going to get the spanners out and change the GPS receiver, do any of you know where merc have hidden it and is it a quick job or am I going to get in trouble with the boss indoors?
  19. mercmanuk

    Sony str db900 fm stereo av receiver

    totally as new boxed,remote,manuals etc. used for about 20 films then change of circumstances reboxed and stored. full spec gets very very good reviews STR-DB900 (STRDB900) : Home Cinema & Hi-Fi : Sony £150 delivered or £130 collected from manchester or i could deliver if resonable.
  20. tudu

    Receiver now works

    Recently i was only able to lock and unlock my C55 by using the remote key on the drivers door handle sensor. Strange, as i drove over a really bumpy road yesterday getting to a meeting, and when i parked up i pressed the remote and hey presto everything's back to normal. Hope its not a fluke...
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