1. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  2. T

    E63 AMG 5.5 - November 2013, 45k, £29750 no offers - recent oil, ATF, plugs service

    Here for sale is my 2013 E63. Just had an A service completed at Mercedes. A lot of these cars are getting to the age & mileage where the automatic transmission fluid and filter and spark plug replacements fall due. This work costs £900-1300 at a main dealer and it has all just been...
  3. gr1nch

    Tinted / darker glass on recent Mercedes?

    There are two tinted glass options I know about as current order options. A. Infrared-reflective, noise insulating glass all round B. Privacy glass (just the rear windows, right?) In real life... How much darker is B than A? How dark is A in real life? Just out of interest, can they both exist...
  4. S

    End of lease hand back - any recent hands on experience?

    The lease is up on my W212 at the end of August and I'm handing the car back a month early to make way for the new one. BCA are picking the car up and, at no extra cost, I've an inspection booked on 21st July where they will tell me what they charges they'll make for wear and tear and then...
  5. T

    Approved Used Standard - Recent Purchase

    Hi All, My first post on the forum.. I recently purchased an Approved Used from Mercedes - a 2010 C180 CGI (Within the last two weeks). I'm very happy with the car however there were a few issues including the passenger central locking which is'nt working. They ofcourse are happy to fix...
  6. A

    Recent tragic story

    I hope this is the right area to place this and it's not something I normally do but this recent tragedy is close to our family and I could not ignore it. Whilst giving birth to her baby boy, Lina sadly passed away leaving behind her new baby son Benjamin , young daughter Juliette and her...
  7. T

    Recent Trip to France - Interesting Observations

    Earlier in the week we did a quick trip to Disneyland Paris (2 nights/3 days) As we were having visitors and we were 8 of us we had to take two cars (wife's B180/W246 and my 911/997 C2 ) Driving was nd most cost effective way of going and in terms of time taken was comparable door to door with...
  8. HumberMart

    Recent buying experiences

    Due to assisting 2 sons to buy cars over the last few weeks, and then one for myself, I've managed to max out my most pleasurable hobby quite well recently. However it wasn't always a pleasurable experience of course, and it's fair to say that Mercedes were squarely at the bottom of the pile...
  9. P

    Recent niggles

    Is anyone having minor problems on the new E-Class? I've recently noticed a few issues with the temp displays whereby the drivers side internal temp display either seems to stay lit when the key is removed or does a kind of 'split screen' display where you can't read the numbers properly. Also...
  10. richard300

    My W140 S280 - Recent Purchase

    Here is my S280.... I bought the car just over a week ago, after deliberating for a couple of weeks. But after checking the AC over 2 visits, spaced 10 days apart, thoroughly checking that everything electrical worked, checking the motor for overheating and Head gasket issues and all the other...
  11. C

    Recent purchase - C43

    Having had a few c280 sports over the last few years in various forms (n/a and skyline powered most recently) I fancied a c43, now currently i think these cars are way undervalued are will increase in value over e next 5-10years. I found a few but speaking to the owners I gathered they had...
  12. G

    AMG theft - recent rise in keyless theft around the UK

    Dear all I am a proud but very concerned 14 Reg C63 owner following all the coverage re. the increase of keyless thefts around the country - especially around Redbridge-area where I reside! Has anyone heard or have knowledge/experience of AMG products and aprticularly C63s being stolen...
  13. The Boss

    124 Cabrio pics from Sept.14 :)

  14. B

    Recent W124 E500E Meet , Germany

    Held at BRABUS HQ, Bottrop, DE
  15. S

    sl500 r129 progress report from recent purchase

    Hi, As it is a lovely afternoon here in the south I thought i would share an update of the fun I have been having bringing my (new to me) 1991 500sl up to standard... I bought it unseen from ebay (big risk but guy couldnt use a camera and has trouble typing it seems...) on bank holiday...
  16. M

    1991 W124 230E - Well sorted after much recent work.

    Here is my advert for my lovely Mercedes W124. Unfortunately, after nearly 5 years, I think the time may be right to sell as I’m not going to have much free time to use the car in 2014 and I have two other cars to occupy my time. It’s an excellent car that’s benefited from a lot of worthwhile...
  17. M

    Some very recent mbclub details

    Hi there, I do apoligise for the lack of help im offering on the forum, but works very busy at the moment, but it will all be worth while as there is going to be alot on offer to you guys very soon! I have so many mbclub members cars to put up here but as you can imagine its extreamely time...
  18. Whitey

    Recent models age well ?

    Guys Father has been looking at new cars - initially Audi/BMW/Volvo We have looked at and dismissed value for money cars like Kia/Toyota/Hyundai/usual suspects - as this car will be a 'treat' rather than necessity. Ford didn't even cross his radar ! Today had a look at the new SEAT Leon...
  19. C

    Do most recent Mercedes have flimsy Sun visors

    In my 09 w204 sport the sunvisors are made out of some kind of black polystyrene like material, is this in all the w204's or just the sport? I dont like them but no big deal. Are they also in other Mercedes? Thanks.
  20. ACID

    A few Pictures of the E55 and C-Class from a recent photoshoot

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