1. bob6600

    Recently priced W210 FL Estate

    Seems a good example body wise although driver's seat has worn more than mine! Nice colour (not silver for a change!) Mercedes E55 Amg Estate W210/s210 Datacard Identification number: WDB2102742B399013 X Chassis Sales designation: E 55 AMG Order number: 0 1 537 37073 Delivery...
  2. JDL60

    Was someone looking for an E63s recently?
  3. C

    Recently bought 2008 C63 AMG

    Hi all, I'm new here. I recently bought a 2008 C63 AMG in Obsidian black with black leather. Spec as follows:- 2008 58 plate 41k 2 owners from new (last one for 5 years) Full MBSH Serviced on Tuesday last week at MB Full MOT 2 new rear tyres (4 matching Conti’s) Just had an £850 5 day...
  4. C240Sport97

    any one seen any car battery deals recently

    looking for a Bosch S4 80Ah. Thanks. Turns out that Bosch's warranty is 1 year only. Outlets then add their own additional year(s) warranty. I was surprised by this. My 18 month old S4 in my GT3 just died - very surprised as Bosch batteries supposed to be of good quality. Unfortunately...
  5. RyanMuller

    New member: Recently Purchased C32 AMG

    Hello all, Really looking forward to hearing people's reviews on their mercs and to get good info. My old man has just purchased a 2013 C63 AMG and has sold me his C32 AMG pretty cheap with 70k miles on it. Luckily he has looked after it and it's basically had a full respray, 2 brand new...
  6. R

    Newbie and recently brought a CLK 500

    Hi new to this forum and recently a new owner to my CLK 500, brought it when I was twenty years old but I'm twenty one now and just started using it again but needs work. But the greatest car own so far :) Hopefully learn a lot on here and maybe meet a few members Rhys
  7. A

    Recently took out a CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake for a spin!

    This one was a bit of a surprise - a really good all-rounder. I've put my thoughts together on my blog - Also put some pics on my Flickr -
  8. Venomous

    Recently Upgraded COMAND 4.5 NTG - no slow to start

    Following a recent upgrade by MB Derby, my COMAND unit now exhibits the following behaviours: - Slow to start - up to 3 mins before getting the COMAND start up screen - Intermittent reboot - No start up at all without stopping and switching engine off / on again Anyone seen this before...
  9. J

    recently got a W211 E55

    Hi all, a few weeks back now, as I drove my lotus through the pouring rain and standing water round the m25, I realised I needed a comfortable/practical saloon or estate for winter and beyond. I missed having a V8 (last one I had was a Porsche 928SE, which made a fantastic noise and could...
  10. RattlerRattler

    Anyone dealt with DVLA reg transfer recently?

    It's a long drawn out story to get my personal reg on my SL, but since DVLA have centralised their operation, I'm looking for some help here. This whole process seems screwed up now and is driving me crazy. I've requested the transfer 5 weeks ago, and I've now received the updated V5 ( a...
  11. Mike Walker

    I recently bought another Mercedes.

    SLK 230K Special Edition - 54 plate with 38K on the clock. 1 of only 13 registered that year allegedly :dk:
  12. Dieselman

    Incidents seen recently

    In the last two weeks I've seen these unusual incidents. Heavy rain saw the manhole cover blown off and this car fell down the opening. It's a good job really as when I saw it the water was fast flowing eight feet down. This one was on an extended walk to the pub earlier...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    1968 280S W108 'Blanche' - Recently Restored

    Regrettably, we are having to put up forsale our ex-diplomat LHD 1963 280S W108 which has recently been completely restored (externally) no rust and resprayed. Around £6k spent on her since ownership, she needs a new good home :( :( :( Selling due to redundancy, we had planned to completely...
  14. S

    Problems with recently purchased R129

    A few weeks ago i purchased a 1995 SL500 from a motor trader. After i had had the car for a few days i noticed that it had a rather erratic idle. So i took the car to TM Motors in Molesey and they diagnosed that there were problems with the throttle actuator. I was a bit gutted because i had...
  15. B

    Anyone tried selling an AMG recently?

    Thinking of letting of my 2004 E55, 70k miles. Any views on what it might be worth in the real world, away from the Parkers prices? Is there a good market for older AMGs at the mo?
  16. ringway

    Seen anything interesting recently?

    These days, a lot of us are armed with cameraphones, so it has never been easier to capture an interesting picture. I seem to have built up a small collection of images taken on my travels and it would be nice to share these with our members. Who knows, we may even be able to use some of them...
  17. C240Sport97

    any one fitted new wiper blades recently

    just put some new ones on my CLS tonight .. nice surprise, logos everywhere :D
  18. M

    Hi all - recently bought my first mercedes

    Hi all, Just bought myself a 2000 CLK55 AMG - love the power and it feels like it's built like a tank. I live down in Surrey, so I've had some pretty entertaining driving in the recent bad weather, but it's great fun. I've found some great info. browsing the forums - I tend to work on my...

    ***deteriorating mpg recently***

    Hi all, Recently I've noticed a slight fall in fuel economy in my w124 300CE. Is it normal for this to happen in the cold weather? I have been flooring it, but only a little. Heaters are usually on full heat. Also, I seem to have a slight voltage fluctuation too. I've noticed that the...
  20. The Boss

    Anyone been to the theate recently

    Im thinking of taking the other half to the theatre for a show.. any recommendations.. ive heard lots positive about Priscilla, queen of the Desert..
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