1. W

    Central locking and radio reception W209 06

    My CLK 320 coupe 2006 has developed a central locking and radio reception problem. From what I can gather it is most likely the antenna amplifier, what I cant work out is it's location, is it attached to the rear screen, the C pillar passenger side or under the dashboard at the front or all of...
  2. AndrewOl

    X164 radio reception

    Have very poor FM in 2006 GL. Thinking of fitting aerial (FM/DAB) above front courtesy light rather than messing about with rubbish rear heater system. Any thoughts? Cheers Andy
  3. T

    TV reception in COMAND

    Does anyone know of a relatively simple and inexpensive way of receiving terrestrial digital TV in the UK in a 2013 SLK with COMAND?
  4. V

    w169 replaced HU poor reception

    i wonder if anyone could help, i have a w169 of which i have replaced the head unit. I am now getting a very bad radio reception. i have removed the head lining locating the base of the roof antenna and the is only i single coax cabe exiting, looking online i was led to believe there may be an...
  5. L

    Lost AM reception after installing aftermarket unit

    Hi Ive removed the unit from my A170 (w169) and have good FM but no AM. My car had a standard roof aerial not Fakra, do I need to power an built in amplifier? Ta
  6. Benzowner

    Radio Reception Lost on Comand

    Help, I have lost my LW, MW and SW on my Comand NTG2, FM and all the other bits are working fine. I am almost certain the antennae for this is on the roof of the car with probably an amplifier at the base. I have checked connections at the back of the head unit and all is ok, but I did notice 2...
  7. E63AMG

    W212 DAB poor reception

    Apologies as I'm sure this has been discussed many times but I can't find the thread. The DAB on mine isn't great & granted I listen to the engine 90% of the time, but it'd be nice to have Planet Rock on now and again. Was there an arial replacement by MB or anything else to improve it...
  8. ronwyer

    2000 E320 Poor Radio Reception

    These cars are certainly a bargain at 15 years of age. Got mine with only 99K on the clock and it runs well. The radio reception is without a doubt the worst of any motor vehicle I have ever owned. Over 20 miles from any station and forget it. There appears to e a little doo-dad that...
  9. mattc200d

    Poor radio reception

    Hi all, I have a 14 plate A200 CDI AMG sport that is suffering with poor tadio reception, I have removed the stereo and checked all connections at that end and all seems ok. The car is still under warranty but I fear putting it into Merc's will be a waste of time as the radio does get reception...
  10. C

    Vito W639 Poor radio reception.

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, but I am hoping someone can help with my problem. I have a Vito 122 CDI sport X 2013 plate with a command/audio and nav system I am currently experiencing very poor radio reception, the aerial is via a shark fin on the roof. I previously owned a...
  11. C

    Comand ntg4 radio reception problems

    Evening all I have command ntg4 and in curtain areas and these are well built areas around Luton on the m1 and Stoke on Trent on the a50 The radio loess all the major stations such as radio 1 and 2 etc and only picks up real local ones..... It's ever do strange? Now doing some research...
  12. P

    poor radio reception

    Hello, I have just bought myself a 55plate w211 E320 estate, and I already have problems, my central locking doesn't work unless I am 2metres away from the drivers door, my radio reception is very very poor, my rear screen switch flashes for 10 seconds and then goes out, and my dashboard...
  13. R

    Upgrade aerial to improve W204 DAB reception??

    The shark fin aerial on my C250 CDI Coupe gives very poor DAB reception on the NTG4.5 Comand head. Even if you tie the station(s) reception is v poor compared with my Fiesta ST and other sets. I gather there are amplifiers in the cabling to enhance signal (is that right?) - if so they're not...
  14. W

    R230 After Market Head Unit - Poor FM Reception

    Hi, I had asked for assistance with poor (no) FM reception after installing an after-market Head Unit and received excellent assistance to identify that I needed to connect an additional 'switch-on' supply to specific wires leading to the Audio Gateway ... oh, a 2005 SL350 with (now removed)...
  15. R

    W168 A Class poor reception

    Hi, Long time since I've been here! I see a number of old faces around, which is always good to see. The reception on my W168 is very poor. I think it is because the aerial amplifier is not working. I am not sure but think this could be due to there not being any power going to the radio...
  16. M

    W203 Poor radio reception (aerial amplifier?)

    Hi, I have been reading through various posts on this topic. The remote central locking operates perfectly well, even at a distance. Fuse no.8 in the boot is intact, however the radio reception is extremely sketchy. At £300 :fail for a replacement, after checking Santa Claus wasn't stood...
  17. Hawkwind

    Crappy Radio Reception?

    I have a non original radio/cd fitted, when I first got the car the radio reception was good on all stations, but recently the reception of Radio4 is useless. The other channels are much better, but maybe that's down to signal strength? I was wondering what could have affected this, I've...
  18. C

    Radio 2 reception has be ome really poor

    I've found that over the past few months my reception in my 04 w211 has become really poor at several points in my 55 mile commute. To the point that in places I just can't get it at all. The others in my car pool don't have the same problem and none of the other stations suffer, so it can't be...
  19. Jadee

    Aftermarket Radio Poor Reception - W203 CLC 2008

    I have recently swapped out my Audio 20 radio for a Sony XAV-602BT with the TomTom Sat Nav module. All works well sound, sat nav, Bluetooth, steering controls etc. apart from radio reception which is almost non existent. I used the Connects2 kit to fit and cable the Sony unit - which was very...
  20. IrishClaS

    Poor Radio Reception?

    Hi all, My radio on my 2007 CLS320 seems incapable of staying tuned to a particular station, the reception seems very weak, is this normal or a problem? Many thanks, Pat.
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