1. bob6600

    Combined Car Air-Con Recharge and Anti-Bacterial Treatment for £32.95 @ATS

    Normal price is £55.99 if you buy both the recharge and clean together. It is via Groupon so you purchase the voucher, ring up ATS and make an appointment and present your voucher when you arrive (either paper or via the app)...
  2. C

    Air con recharge

    Hi first hot day and it looks the air con is not working! So I have three options Do it my self and get the kit from halfords About £40-60. Pay ats or quick fit to do it about £50-60 Or go to a Mercades dealer? Any idea how much? What's my best option? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. S

    Low battery,best recharge with everything on ??

    At this time of year I start to get the low battery warning,never not started and cause is too many short runs. Some time ago I purchased a car at auction which needed a jump start and they told me to put all electrical items on as this would create a higher charge rate from the alternator and...
  4. E

    Recharge battery.

    Had battery about 2 years ago, i am now starting to get the 'convenience functions disabled' message, i use the car about 3 times a week but only for short journeys, is it the cold weather affecting this as well as not giving it a good run! i have a battery reconditioner which i haven't used...
  5. S

    Kwikfit Aircon recharge £29

    Just booked a kwikfit aircon recharge as at the moment it's only £29 Mine has pressure in the pipes but ain't cold so let's see what they can do Steve
  6. M

    air con recharge point on w208 clk ?

    i just ordered a new air con recharge kit , but i not sure where to connect it on car to recharge , air con is non exsistant? cheers a pic would say a thousand words ;)
  7. verytalldave

    Quick recharge batteries

    Heard on the news the other day on Radio 4 that some company has developed a battery that can be fully recharged in seconds/minutes. Certainly no longer than an average time of a stop for most at a petrol station. If this is the case then maybe the days of the fossil fuel car really ARE...
  8. M

    Removed battery to recharge. Got error message.

    I have W211 for quite a few years. I had extended warranty before so I didnt care about little stuff like batteries :) Now I had my battery died so I decided to recharge it while I am looking for decently priced new one. So I disconnected it, recharged and put it back. I believe I did...
  9. G

    Air Con Recharge

    Apart from the Monkeys in Kwik Fit (Who have a 3 day waiting list - on the website it says no appointment necessary!) Anyone know any good decent priced air con people in the NW London/Hertfordshire area?
  10. C

    air con recharge (kwik Fit)

    I've now got my blower working so I thought I would get the a/c recharged. Is the kwik fit deal any good? It seem like you can't lose.
  11. columb

    £25 for aircon recharge @ Kwik-Fit Fairly cheap and I don't think they can do it wrong ;) plus: If we cannot improve the coolest vent temperature from your car by more than 10% when measured in degrees Celsius - then you pay nothing at all.* * Please note if the ambient...
  12. carnut

    Flat Battery - how long to recharge? HELP

    My partner has a mini and shes left the lights on overnight and all day!:crazy: How long should it take a battery charger to recharge to the point of getting the engine to fireup? I dont want to try prematurely and go backwards on the charge capacity and its over 30 years since Ive had to do...
  13. M

    Aircon re-charge

    Was down my local lawnmower/tractor shop recently Ernest Doe, think there mainly in East Anglia and they were servicing the AC on a CLK. I asked the service manager if it was his to which he replied no we do all the charging for the local garages. How much is that going to set me back I asked...
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