1. G

    Recieved a gift from Mercedes-Benz USA

    I'm from across the pond, and not sure about you guys, but Mercedes Benz corporate has a facebook page dedicated to all their products and allows fans to post up their praise and grievances about the brand. I posted up 3 rather well shot pictures of my family's Mercedes Benzs, and I got an...
  2. Donza

    Please advise...still not recieved a court summons.

    For speeding that is ;) I was caught two months ago and stopped, failed to produce my licence at the station. Was told i would recieve a letter through the post which i would then need to sign etc and send my money off with it. Its basically the way it used to be done before photo id's were...
  3. pluggers

    Recieved a PCN today

    Got the shock of my life today.Put my hands up it was my fault as I did a daft thing.What happened was, I parked up on a car park for an hour or so and when I got back the pcn was on my windscreen,saying that this vehicle was seen on a public road without a valid tax disk and warning me that I...
  4. Howard

    WTF - just recieved this ........

    SOLENOID INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. 55 An Suing East 9th Street REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED Dear Howard, We are exporters based in the Taiwan, we export raw materials, such as Calcite, Barytes, Manganese Dioxide , Dolomite, Mica ...
  5. M

    powerstyling item not recieved

    i think this is the right ebayer, i ordered some white dials from this ebayer about 2 weeks ago, ive made payment but since then ive got no reply. any ideas what should i do now?
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