1. M

    door handle reciever

    hi all im after a door handle reciever for a w208 v reg. OS door handle is missing the plastic covering for the infrared sensor. think some little scamp tried to break in once and they clipped it off. any colour will do as i can spray it, but green would be ideal :)
  2. iamamanc

    Infra red reciever

    Hi I have a clarion unit in my car. I bought an after sales remote that fixes to the steering wheel, it only works now and again. I rang clarion and they told me it is an issue with this head unit and I need a filter on the IR reciever. Does anyone know of a filter that takes out ambiant light...
  3. guydewdney

    WiFi transmitter - and Yagi reciever...

    if one were to have a 9Db or so Yagi or similar wifi reciever, a 200 yard distance with a bit of vegitation in between, low background RF rubbish (ie rural), and a 'standard' wifi IP camera - would one get an acceptable B&W picture? Guy
  4. WLeg

    OT - GPS reciever

    Any suggestions as to the best way to get a GPS signal into my laptop for autoreoute / Mapoint etc ?
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