1. W

    Vent system flashing recirc button????

    Hi all, have a 1989 W124 300CE with Diavia aircon and the 3 central buttons: demist/ EConomy/ recirc. Recently the recirc button has started flashing, when pressed it will close vents and turn to constant lit (as it should) but when pressed again, it just starts flashing. What could be...
  2. M

    Duovalve and Recirc pump

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows exactly where the Duovalve and Recirc pump is located in A C200 1994 2.0? Thanks Mas
  3. A

    Recirc valve??

    Hi all I have owned my 1997 C230k for a couple of months and through this forum and a haynes manual i can happily find my way around the engine bay and oftern get my hands dirty. Now I've owned turbo cars before but never a 'charger and i was wondering what the valve on the airbox is for...
  4. Messa

    '99 250TD 'Recirc'

    Hi, after spending a few pounds last year to get my AirCon working I am now curious as it seems that my Recirc button is not working. It lights up and stays on (for pre determined times ) etc but nothing seems to actually happen. No change in fan tone etc. In my other cars that have vaccuum...
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