1. T

    M111 Recirculating air flap. Where are settings stored ?

    Hi. I have a problem with my recirculating air flap. Car throws a fault code every week or so (happens on 1st start up in the morning - car jerks a bit when starting up) and the car idle becomes lumpy and the throttle goes off, in the sense you need more throttle to get same power - car feels...
  2. T

    Recirculating Air Flap M271 and M111 Interchangeable?

    Hi. Does anyone here know is the Recirculating Air Flap for the M111 (230Kompressor) and the M271 are compatible and interchangeable ? I need to change mine on the M111 and found that in the US, the M271 one runs for about US$290 only. Thanks
  3. jerry270ML

    C32 Resealing the Recirculating Cover

    I changed my plugs and wires and I discovered that I have a small oil leak on the cover that helps recirculate oil on top of each of the valve covers. There is no gasket that can be replaced...
  4. W

    C200 1997 air recirculating vent stuck

    The fresh air intake vent of my MB C200 1997 is stuck at the fresh air (opened to outside air) position irrespective of whether the recirculating button is pressed. The vent could be seen after removing the air intake plastic covers where the wind screen wiper rests. Can anyone tell me how can...
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