1. clarea

    Air recirculation motor

    I'm looking for a clk for my mum and found one I liked but in the advert it said "The only point to note is the stepping motor in the dashboard (Air Recirculation Motor) ticks on start up. This only lasts for about 10 seconds, This does not effect either the heating or air-conditioning. This is...
  2. D

    W203 P1405 Exhaust gas recirculation issue

    Car went into limp mode on saturday. Had to drive 130 miles at 50mph. Couldn't find my OBD2 bluetooth ELM327 so decided to use my old wired one. Scantool no longer work and no drivers for windows 10. Finally found the easyobdII with the reset...
  3. optimusprime

    Wanted mercedes recirculation pump 260e

    Wanted .Can anyone help. Have you one in your garage [as title] doing nothing that you can sell to me please. Leak from the bottom as took me off the road for Easter. 260e circulation pump or auxiliary heater pump .This type as the wire and plug attatched. Lots on the bay but not like mine...
  4. Ian B Walker

    Aircon Recirculation switch

    Urgently require an air recirculation switch for a 190E. Part number A1268202110. Main dealer says no longer available and A1268205110 is the replacement. Ordered one (at £80.50 plus vat :eek:) only to find that it is incompatible (3 pins instead of 4). Ordered from two breakers only to...
  5. M

    E270 CDI - EGR Recirculation valve

    Hi guys, Anyone have experience physically removing it to clean ? I have tried to remove it by unscrewing the bolts but the EGR valve refuse to come out from the cooler. Try pulling it out but seems to be stuck probably by the soot. Ideas ?
  6. S

    Air Recirculation Unit

    CLK 230 komp elegance auto coupe 1999 air recirculation throttle body unit for sale. Sensible offers over £50 plus postage. As new.
  7. J

    Air Recirculation

    Hi, Just got a couple of questions about air recirculation (air from inside the car rather than outside): 1) Is it bad to always use it? I know it may steam up your windows but apart from this, is there any bad reason why I shouldn't use it such as if it is damaging to the car? 2) Where...
  8. S

    W208 CLK Air recirculation unit

    Ebay item no. 320624788047
  9. Danny DeVito

    Recirculation pump V220

    Next odd behaviour of the car is.... After stopping the car but ign on. The recirc pump was pulsing on every 7 secs ...Any ideas ??
  10. A

    W202 C230K Air recirculation valve

    As stated in the title. Turned out to be this! Here's a pic just incase:
  11. ADY1983

    W124 Recirculation Button Flashing!

    Ok this is a bit of a strange one, I have the 3 buttons between the temp dials, the A/C works well but just recently the red light on the recirc button starts flashing it wont turn off and the other 2 buttons will not work either. Sometimes it will go off and everything works fine. Any one...
  12. B

    W126 - heating and recirculation controls

    I have a 1990 W126 560 SEC, and I need help in diagnosing a problem with the heating/ventilation/aircon controls. The car has the system with two rotary temperature controls, one for each side of the car, and rocker switches for the aircon and for "recirculation" (ie it does not have the...
  13. mark.t

    recirculation button

    having a spell of hot weather the air conditioning is well loved by me and my passengers, but I think I have a problem with the recirculation element of the system when I press it in nothing happens I believe the fan speed should increase is this correct, what could be the possible cause,,,
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