1. C

    anyone recognise this e55

    Used 2004 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 AMG for sale in County Durham | Pistonheads
  2. Satch

    PC running Windows 10 will not recognise new DVD/CD RW drive

    From the 5 minute on Google I have had time for, this appears to be quite a common problem. Anybody come across this, if so ideas/fixes welcome!
  3. MrDan

    Anybody recognise this c63 wagon?

    Hi Guys, Looking to get out of my exige and into something a bit more practical and the c63 wagon looks perfect for me. I've spotted this Mercedes-Benz C Class 6.3 C63 AMG 7G-Tronic 5dr Does anybody know it? It's remapped to 530, considering it's done 91k miles is the engine likely to...
  4. markjay

    Do you recognise this building in London?

    Some detective work required to keep little Miss MJ happy: Let me you know if you do recognise this .... :) Than You.
  5. wongl

    Does anyone recognise this?

    I am trying to locate the correct part number to replace a front centre parking sensor on a 2006 A-Class W169. The sensors looks very professionally fitted, but I don't think it is factory fitted as a search on the EPC does not reveal the parking sensor as a valid item for this VIN number. It...
  6. E

    Registrations - anyone recognise them?

    Long shot, I know, but maybe, just maybe... All the same car - '03 E55K estate. I've just taken a punt on it. Allegedly it has been remapped to 525 bhp, and the speed restrictor(s) deactivated, but there is no evidence of that with the car. It has worn the registrations (that I know about)...
  7. T

    N997 DTW - Do you recognise this Reg /car ?

    I've had this membership a month , This is my 4th MB - I may even have been a member bfore . . . . . can't remember : Caught the MB bug with an '94 E320 Coupe - always wanted one , but loved & lost- company wouldn't pay mileage for a 2 door !! then a none merc Then a W163 ML, 270Cdi -...
  8. M

    Challenge: can anyone recognise this part?

    Hi all, Bit of a challenge - a piece of metal has just fallen off my car (Mercedes CLS 350, 2005/55). I've attached two photos, one with a 20p piece for scale. I need to drive about 150 miles home this evening, so, can anyone tell me 1) what this part is and 2) is it safe to drive...
  9. bobven

    Command Dont recognise iPod ?

    I have a Command APS system which came with my car model C200 CGI (Yr 2010) Japan Specs I have gone in to engineering mode pressing hangup+1+* to change the radio setting from Japan to EU mode. I have noticed things missing on the screen as per pictures below. Media Interface on dropdown...
  10. bobven

    iPod nano cannot recognise in my C200 CGI (2010 Jpn Spec)

    Hi all, I have a Japan Spec C200 CGI year 2010 fitted with Command APS single DVD system. I have the MB part cable for ipod integration which I found the port in my glove box. I connected the cable, connect my ipod nano to it. I couldnt see that in my display or not even recognised. Any...
  11. C

    W210 won't recognise key after battery swap

    Now then. Yes, I know I only post on here when I want something..... I decided this morning to press the wife's 1998 W210 E280 back into service after being off the road for 12 months (gearbox fault). I stole the battery to put on my W639 when I couldn't be ****d shelling out for a new...
  12. D

    recognise this part?

    W210 estate found on the rear seat after they had been folded and then put back up. No part number that I can see... No sure where it came from to put it back...
  13. Danny DeVito

    Anybody recognise this fault code ?

    It's an airbag fault, read on a ST6000. The operator doesn't know what it is. 02011C ID A17089 DRIVERPASSENGERSIDESUB Thats it, and they charged 50 euro to tell me nothing !! Anybody know what it means please and thanks
  14. Horrgakx

    Do you recognise these sidelights?

    I ordered some sidelights for my W210 1999 (E55 AMG) but they sent the wrong ones. What came out of the car are these (picture below) but I don't recognise them. What are they please and are they standard fit?
  15. C

    C180 Won't recognise key

    Hi everybody, just joined & 1st post so any help at all would be appreciated. Just got my 1st Merc, an old C180 & I love it but when I tried to start my car the other day the key barrel wouldn't accept my key but all the other electrics seemed to work fine. When I got the battery tested they...
  16. horsesuitedfool

    Anyone recognise this comand part number??

    I been sent a comand unit with PN A2038270062, anyone recognise it as i cant see it on merc upgrades list of part numbers....cheers..
  17. J

    W164 Comand does not recognise DVD map when cold

    Hi guys Im a newbie here.....bought an 06 ML420 CDI a month ago....enjoying the torque!!! :) Any way.....ive had an issue with the Comand DVD map not being recognised three times now. It seems that on cold days when I start the car and have the comand in map display…there is no map...
  18. scotth_uk

    Anyone recognise this car?

    It's a Bentley something or other - topic of discussion on another forum. Anyone? Here
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