1. grober

    Facial Recognition Technology

    With recent terrorist atrocities in cities round Europe perhaps its time to revisit this technology. This radio programme examines the advantages and snags associated with this burgeoning technology. While useful in combating national security its far from perfect and rather than protecting us...
  2. D

    1999 r129 gear recognition switch

    Hell o, I have a 1999 r129 sl320 with a 722.6 gearbox. The reverse lights' fuse and bulbs are fine. The car does reverse but I need to * 'twiddle' the selector to get the reverse lights to come on. I have learned this might indicate a bad gear recognition switch under the gear shifter part...
  3. manofgresley

    Part Recognition ?

    Hi. Fitted a new CD/ Radio to my 2001, CLK 320 convertible this week end, when pulling out the existing Audio 10 Radio, and disconnecting all the cables, this came out with it, does anyone know what it is and what it does? Ray
  4. Bakili

    W211 Automatic Child Seat Recognition (AKSE)

    Hey guys Car 2003 E320cdi Avantgarde Thinking of getting Child seats for little one, since it is Mercedes I cant disable passenger airbag. Question: 1. How to know if my car equipped with Automatic Child Seat Recognition (AKSE) 2. How does this system work? Just put MB Child seat on...
  5. G

    C of C/ Type approval/Mutual recognition for imports

    Hi all, The import fun continues. I understand that DVLA before reregistering an import requires one or all of the above certificates and won't accept all the stickers on the car or on a foreign registration document giving a type approval number. Without the paperwork the car has to go...
  6. martyz

    key recognition

    Hi, could someone please confirm for me the following; I have a w202 facelift with the electronic key, when I put it in the ignition slot it makes a "shuck" noise once, turn key to position one and dash lights come up. question is, I seem to recall getting the noise twice when it recognised...
  7. I

    Viseeo and voice recognition

    I can get at my phone's voice recognition by pressing the button on the Viseeo unit but that's a bit dangerous when I'm driving (being in the armrest). Is there a way to access the same functionality in the dash? I'm driving an '05 CL500. Thanks Ian
  8. Tan

    Mercedes Childs Seat With Airbag Recognition

    Mercedes Childs Seat With Airbag Recognition on eBay (end time 29-Jan-11 13:40:59 GMT)
  9. lxi

    Who's good at recognition? The bolt!

    Hi guys - playing about yesterday with my SL55 R230, I found a very purposeful looking bolt under the polystyrene thing that holds the jack & wheelbrace. It bears no signs of much use, has come blue "loctite" type stuff on the thread & at a (extreme) guess looks like a pin that would secure...
  10. whitenemesis


    Finally, all my retro-fits and upgrades have been included on the datacard for my car. :thumb: Only took 2 months to filter through from the FDOK update.
  11. paddy@polyposta

    Engine Idle Recognition Switch

    Car; 1991 W124 500E Symptoms; Car going into limp home mode (not very often at all though!!) Faults Picked Up: Engine Idle Recognition Switch not functioning properly Anyone know much about this switch? How it will effect the running of the car? Is it a cheap/expensive part? Easy...
  12. Jukie

    SIM/handset recognition

    Can mobile 'phone companies tell what type of handset a SIM is in? I.e. remotely interrogate the SIM to see if it's in a Nokia 6230 or Sony K700i, etc?
  13. glojo

    Experimental Number Recognition

    On our local news they have just reported that Torquay Police have just installed Number Recognition Equipment into all the council run CCTV camera's. This has been done with a Home Office Grant to test the equipment and see if it is viable. If it gets approval it is hoped to be installed...
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