1. Railwayman

    Any recomendations for an auto gearbox repair shop in the Southend on sea area.

    Hello My son has a Kia Picanto and about 2 years ago the transmission started to slip and then failed. I managed to get it going again by draining and replacing the fluid, this has worked well until now.. Now it has thrown a check engine light with a P0741 fault code (Torque converter...
  2. F

    New member new car looking for advice and recomendations uk

    Hi all recently purchased a 2013 c250amg sport plus After a couple of parts but unsure what fits this model and a good exhaust system thanks in advance sorry about the essay hopefully you will take the time to help out Looking for advice on modifications i am after a twin exit exhasut so...
  3. cws196

    Recomendations for diamond-cut wheel refurbisher

    All 4 wheels on my C250 (AMG 18"/7spoke/gloss black inlay with diamond cut facing) need refurbishing due to scuffing and corrosion. Does anyone have any recommendations? So far Lepsons appear to be the best all-round.
  4. L

    recomendations for interior cleaning

    Can anybody recommend a good spray type interior cleaner/detail for an A45 AMG.Something that smells nice too!!
  5. C

    Wheel alignment needed Sussex/Surrey - recomendations?

    My SL63 is wearing the outer edge of the passenger side front so need the alignment checked before replacing the tyre. Had mixed experience getting this done properly in the past so any recommendations. Am in West Sussex Gatwick area.
  6. D

    A200 1.8 CDI remap Recomendations

    Hello, I have a 63 plate A200 1.8 CDI AMG, If i'm honest it is very slow. I have bought a tdi tuning, tuning box and im not impressed. So i think a remap needs to be done, lol. Anyone recommend anywhere good in the north of england. Cheers Dan
  7. DSM10000

    Amsterdam recomendations.

    We are off to Amsterdam for a break arriving early Friday morning and returning mid afternoon Sunday. Any recommendations for places for breakfast, lunch and dinner welcomed. Our hotel is in Zaandam but with fast and regular access o the centre. Also, any suggestions for places to visit...
  8. M

    H7 replacement bulb recomendations

    Can u guys recommend a replacement h7 bulb. Which brand is best?? For my w204
  9. gunning

    Recomendations for a france/switzerland tour (In a car)

    I'm going to be doing a tour of France/ Switzerland this year for 12-14 days. I've had a look around and have one possible route but is there any specific routes/ places that are a must? I don't want to be on the road every day as I might bring my German Shepard with me! Any suggestions would...
  10. M

    Air Con repair recomendations Leeds

    Hi Guy's, I had my aircon re gassed back in October, just after i bought the ML. it worked fine for a few weeks but then I noticed the windows steaming up ( I never really turn the air con off during the winter) so suspected it had leaked out. Now we are getting slightly warmer weather its...
  11. bouncer


    Anybody recommend an indi in the Blackpool area as I cant find out what's happened to TMS (124 works) :confused: stEvE
  12. M

    Indie recomendations in Leeds area

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any recommendations for any good indies in the North Leeds or Harrogate area? Don't need one yet, but want a good adaptable place that know their stuff, ideally I need a Leeds version of blackc55. Used a harrogate based indie a couple of times but not 100% happy. I...
  13. MWCLS

    Trader policy recomendations

    I'm as a side line, want to buy and sell used cars... well the lower end of the market say upto 7.5k. My current insurers do not offer trader policies. I would effectively be a sole trader, based in the IG postcode area from home, can anyone recommend a reputable company. I've had a few...
  14. R

    Tuning Chip EClass 3220 cdi 2007 Recomendations

    Is it worth buying ebay chip circa £90 in line fuel type or shall I not even bother, looking for fuel economy increae mainly. Never had a deisel nbefore so I am kind of in the dark, heard good and bad reports, what do you think and any recommendations.:confused:
  15. J

    OBD2 Handheld recomendations

    Hi, Grateful for some advice I have an April 2004 E320 CDI Saloon car. Firstly, is it OBD2 compliant? Secondly, If it is what OBD2 machine would forum experts recomend I see them on good old ebay for upwards of circa £20 I am "tight" but I'd rather spend a little more for one that will do the...
  16. D

    tyres recomendations

    just had the good news from Mercedes garage that I need 2 rear tyes. They recomended Continental contact 2 for £97.00 each. Can anyone suggest a good tyre and also best place to make a purchase. I am off on a long trip next week so would like to sort it for the weekend. tyre size 205/55 16...
  17. B

    Holiday recomendations

    We have a 2 1/2 year old boy and want to take hime for his first Summer holiday. We want 5 star accomadation that really is 5 star, beach front location with excellent service and maybe some childrens facilities although not hugely important as we will be entertaining him. My initial thoughts...
  18. flango

    New pressure washer recommendations please

    Hi All Well after about 5 years my trusty Nilfisk pressure washer has died so it's time to buy a new one and was after the panel's experiences good and bad. I'm not a Karcher fan as I had 2 high end ones before the Nilfisk and they both died within 3 months. With 5 cars to keep on top of, a...
  19. SPX

    Mortgage Recomendations...

    I'm just in the process of re-mortgaging and wanted to know if any forum members have any recomendations? Thanks:thumb:
  20. P

    tyre recomendations for C class

    Need new shoes for the C class soon. Any recomendations. I have the factory standards on at minute and they are a little "twitchy" in the wet.
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