1. Borys

    Recomended remapping service

    Hi guys, Anyone knows or could recommend good remapping service around Crawley please? Thanx
  2. A

    recomended updates

    any recommended nav and commands updates for the cls55 with HK sounds,
  3. S

    Recomended tyre centres.

    Hi all, I posted This similar question on a different thread but thought it would be a good idear to give it, it's own thread. And a useful point for reference. So can any one recomend a good tyre center? I live in southwest London so if any one know of a good Center please let's me know...
  4. G

    Need a recomended w123 specialist

    Hi guys, `im knew to all this and need of some good ol mercland assisitance. I cant get to the bottom of my rough warm up engine idle problem so in need of a recommended specialist W123 mechanic in east or north east london or essex/london borders. Any ideas?
  5. D

    Indie in West London recomended!

    Having been on the lookout for a good Indie for a while now to service my W124 E220 cabriolet & having been firmly pointed away from Mercs Only of Hanwell..... Suri Motors ( BMW & Mercedes Specialists) of Ealing, West London came up trumps. I was going to go with Mercstar of Harrow after being...
  6. kjay


    I've just upgraded the RAM on my laptop. PC Wolrd wanted about 115 quid for a 2GB install.:eek: Found these on the interweb.... I placed the order on Monday and have just recieved and installed 2GB of Ram - Total price including postage - 28.76 ...
  7. BigJC

    Recomended bodyshop in Warrington?

    Not sure if this should be in recomended specialists but as it's my first post, please don't shout! My grandad has asked me to sell his E240 (w210) but it has an odd dent in the osf wing. Please could anyone recomend a bodyshop in the Warrington area? Cheers!
  8. B

    Recomended garages for servicing

    Hi there, I've just bought my first Mercedes (1999 C240 Sport). Can anyone recomend a decent garage in West London where i can get it serviced for a reasonable price? I used to own a Porsche 968 and had a couple of good independents to choose from, so i'm hoping there are similar operators...
  9. B

    w140 in need of a recomended body shop

    hi all, hope someone can help. The old mans car wouldnt start this morning so he asked to borrow my w140 1994, as he would have been late for an appointment. Not being used to the car's size he misjudged turning into a width restriction, yep he hit it, about an 8" crease along the wheel arch...
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