1. K

    Can anyone recommend the best reasonably priced fault code reader

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on the best fault code kit under £250. I guess you can't get to star capability but it would be good to get the best for the bugdet. Thanks
  2. S

    I recommend this guy for w124 sunroofs

    Wrong group!
  3. rockits

    Anyone Recommend Glassfibre Specialist in/nr Hertfordshire ???

    Can anyone recommend a glassfibre bodywork specialist? Ideally Hertfordshire way or somewhere reasonably close or that neck of the woods. Thanks
  4. B

    Thoroughly recommend Tony Fowkes for Bodywork

    Just to thank the Forum for pointing me in the direction of Andy at Tony Fowkes to get my ML sorted after its run-in with a wheelie bin. Can't believe how good it looks and he relacquered the two black pillars at the back that had flaked off over the 12 years the car's been on the road. Sent...
  5. Adamccc

    Can anyone recommend a good garage/tech in Oxford?

    As the title says, looking for someone to fit some new plugs to the CLS63. Bought OEM Merc plugs as I was going to fit them myself this weekend - fitted one but unable to pull the 2nd coilpack out (too scared to pull too hard, break it and have it stuck on my drive!). I'd take it to Merc but...
  6. S

    Megs ultimate compound - highly recommend!

    Hi guys, As many of you know, Mercedes paint is extremely hard stuff and is an absolute pain to polish with most polishes, however I found Megs compound to be magical on MB paint. Even when used by hand, it cuts through swirls so effortlessly and - provided that it's worked in correctly...
  7. M

    Please recommend a good Mercedes specialist near Putney

    Hi everyone, I sadly scratched my almost new C250d against a stone pillar :( and am desperately looking to get it repaired ASAP. There is also a slight dent to the part just above the wheel and to the lower part of the door. Please see pic. I would be grateful if you could recommend an...
  8. A

    Recommend a details in SW London

    Does any one have first hand experience of someone good? I am in Wimbledon
  9. Conquistador

    Recommend a nice place to eat in Chinatown?

    Looking to organise somewhere nice for a family meal in Chinatown. Can anyone recommend a nice place to eat there?
  10. vijilants

    Can anyone recommend 501 W5W LEDs for a pre facelift W204 that won't melt ?

    Folks, I'm on my second set of side light leds (501 W5W) in my pre facelift W204 and in a very short space of time they appear to burn out due to heat issues in the housing. Probably heat rising up from the headlamp housing below is melting the LED circuitry. Has anyone experienced this and if...
  11. C

    3rd party garage Nottingham recommend

    Hi I just would like to ask for help if anyone can recommend me an affordable garage to repair my 14 years old C-Class. I have been going to the MBNottingham for the past few years and find abit difficult to cope with their price. Today, I was quote; - Front break pipe £460 - Front...
  12. D

    Can you recommend a smart TV Keyboard?

    Just recently started viewing YouTube on our tele. In the words of Alan Partridge typing a search with the smart remote pointer can be 'a long drawn out affair!' Thought a keyboard would be much quicker, however very mixed reviews:
  13. D

    Recommend a Go-Kart for me.

    We been considering getting into karting for a while now. Not competitive racing, just for our own fun and amusement. A little weekend fun. Luckily we have a van, and a good trailer to get around. There is an outdoor Tarmac karting track within 5 miles and for not much money you can hire the...
  14. rsvgreg

    Can you recommend a Sun Gun?

    I was handed one of these a couple of weeks ago by a detailer with a small stand at the Bury St Edmunds 'Cars on the Green' show. I was impressed with the level of detail the gun revealed and, as my wife and kids keep going on at me to think about birthday present ideas (The AMG GTS is out...
  15. C

    Recommend a battery charger

    As above I have an SL63 which spends most of its time garaged. When it's not been used for a while the electronics are really iffy at the start so thinking it's the battery in the boot. Want to hook it up to a trickle charger but there's loads out there. Any recommendations?
  16. Dannyallen89

    Any1 recommend a garage in Newcastle upon Tyne

    Does anybody know of a good garage in Newcastle upon Tyne I can get to remove the spoiler from my w204 and fit a carbon 1 I have bought? Thanks alot [emoji3]
  17. D

    Recommend bodyshop/car respray in London or near by

    Im based in NW2 London. Please recommend good bodyshop who doesn't charge arm a leg for respray. Good quality is a must and guarantee on the job completed.Thanks
  18. Pete W

    Can you Recommend ??

    A good detailer for Herts/Essex border area
  19. R

    What extras would you recommend for C63?

    Finally thinking about taking the plunge and buying a C63 coupe, seen a nice one for sale on auto trader in silver (would prefer palladium but their doesn't seem to be many in that colour around) from what i can see their doesn't seem to be many extras fitted. Mercedes-Benz C Class 6.3 C63...
  20. D

    What c class diesel would you recommend?

    Well my bmw 330d has been sold as it was getting a little rusty in places and while i really fancy another im also looking at the c class range ie c220 or the c320cdi or anything else in the c range as long as it diesel. Iv got 10-15k to spend so hopefully somthing decent can be found but are...
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