1. P

    After-market cat recommendation for 190E 2.6?

    Hi everyone, The catalytic converter on my 190E 2.6 has finally split after 24 years! If was wondering if anyone might have any recommendations for third-party replacements? The genuine Merc parts are pricy - though maybe you get what you pay for... Thanks, Peter
  2. clk320x

    Bodyshop Recommendation

    Trying to get a few quotes Can anyone recommend a bodyshop they have used before, some rust/ respray work on the CLK needed :) Need a PERFECT finish, it's been at 2 shops beforehand and they f***** it up.. Location around the Midlands/northampton would be great.. but I can drive...
  3. DSM10000

    Garage recommendation for those near Salisbury

    As we seem to get a fair number of horror stories about poor garages and poor service I thought I would redress the balance a little and add some praise for a very good garage for those who live around the Salisbury area. The garage in question being Skinner and Osment Ltd...
  4. clk320x

    Headlight Restoration Kit Recommendation

    As a lot of people on the forum have older cars which are often plagued with the clouding headlight problem I thought I would post this. Yesterday whilst looking on Amazon I found the 'Quixx headlight restoration kit' -and as it was available for the bargain price of £10 I thought it was...
  5. S

    Binoculars recommendation

    Off to the Kruger for a quick trip at the end of the month and need another pair of binoculars to save us fighting over the one pair we've got. Obviously want the best for free but that won't happen. Budget - there is none but want quality that will last ( we go yearly ). Not sure what to...
  6. S

    VW indi recommendation

    Morning all Bought a VW Golf Mk5 (2005) for the missus yesterday - any one recommend a good indi in the Maidenhead and surrounding areas. Also, need to get the fabric upholstery and headlining cleaned - another recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. A

    London recommendation - cracked rim

    Rear tyre on CLS55 went flat yesterday - no sign of a puncture, but noticed a hairline crack on the back of the alloy which seems a likely culprit. Normally I use PCS for the car, but they're a bit of a trip with the wife's car to get something small done. Obviously getting a wheel fixed...
  8. MissyD

    non mercedes garage recommendation

    My son has a Honda 2000 that needs some work done on it, he lives nr Braintree, Essex, can anyone recommend a garage in that area that may be able to help him please, thanks :)
  9. pmcgsmurf

    Towbar Dedicated Electrics W211 E220 2004 Recommendation & Coding ?

    Hi folks Thinking of fitting a Westfalia detachable Towbar to my old W211 to use with a car transporter trailer to move some of the old classics (Hillman Imps) around. I can get the universal electrics but I do like the idea of just using dedicated electrics if these are just plug in. 1...
  10. M

    Gearbox repair recommendation

    Hi, Could you recommend a good place to diagnose/repair gearbox 722.9 I live in Oxford. Thanks a lot!
  11. Tim203

    Good value socket set recommendation

    I have just brought a couple of socket sets recently for the workshop and thought it worth sharing. The Christmas offers have arrived at various builders merchants near you and I found a lovely 3/8" drive Faithfull socket set in a red case with proper hinges and latches. Nicely finished, good...
  12. gaz_l

    Amsterdam hotel recommendation

    Greetings, Citizens. Looking at staying in Amsterdam for 2/3 days but will be arriving by car. No point trying to stay in the centre as obviously it's not car friendly and parking will be a PITA. Any recommendations for a half decent place to stay within a sensible tram/bus ride? Bland...
  13. C

    C126/sec bodywork recommendation?

    Folks, looking for a recommendation for bodywork, rear screen/seal and headliner replacement on my SEC. I'm based in north London and have read good things about Vanleigh coachworks in Surrey especially re their SEC knowledge. My rear parcel shelf has been done in 2014 but the screen seal looks...
  14. A

    Recommendation for Geo setup for C63

    Can anyone recommend a place for a Geo for a C63, mines pulling to the left a bit and wouldn't mind a fast road setup whilst they're at it Somewhere close to London thanks
  15. D

    Leather refurb recommendation please

    Hi guys - I'm looking for a recommendation for a leather specialist to "connolise" a bolster on my eclass. NW London or Herts if possible would be great. Cheers, David
  16. R

    E63S brake caliper paint recommendation.

    I recently bought a two year old E63S. I didn't notice when I bought it that a significant area of the red paint on one of the brake calipers has flaked off (see attached pic). I've taken the car to my local dealer (not the one I bought the car from) and they've told me Mercedes don't supply...
  17. C

    Paint Shop Sprayer recommendation

    Hi All, Just fitting new front wings to my W124 coupe and need a recommendation for paint. I'm in the Surrey area Merstham to be specific I don't mind travelling too far Any suggestions would be great Thanks:bannana:
  18. JB1984

    Need a wrapping company recommendation - Essex/East Ldn

    Am looking to get the wrap on my matte white C63 DR520 AMG refreshed (front and rear bumpers only) - can anyone recommend from experience a decent wrapping firm in either East London or Essex please. My main concern is that the front bumper with all the vents and intricate curves needs to be...
  19. M

    Cheapy Mobile Phone Recommendation

    Feeling silly now: with the new car only hours away from being collected (pause for another woohoo moment), I set up the MercedesMe account on my PC and then went to get an app for my phone. But I discover it's too old apparently, so I can't use it - the Apple IOS version is not modern enough...
  20. N

    Laptop or desktop recommendation please.

    Could use a little help from those of you who keep up to speed with this stuff. A 75 y.o. friend who has never used a computer wants to get one. I guess a laptop would be most convenient but a desktop pc would also be OK. I think anything with a smaller screen would present problems. He'll use...
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