1. D

    Recommendations for alloy wheel refurb in Bucks?

    Any got personal experience of a quality refurb service in BUcks My diamond cut alloys on my R172 SLK are all in neeed of a refurb. The previous owner obviously parked by touch....
  2. A

    Rear tyre recommendations for C350

    I'm close to needing new rear tyres on my (W203) C350. It currently has Pirelli Cinturato P7, which were on it when I bought the car. A couple of MOTs ago, I had the front tyres replaced with Continental Contisport Contact 5, for no other reason than the Merc garage I was at didn't have...
  3. lfckeeper

    Teesside Body shop recommendations

    Can any body recommend a dent repair/ body shop in the Middlesbrough/Stockton/Billingham/Hartlepool area? My neighbours daughter kindly reversed into my car leaving a lovely big dent in it. Thankfully they're happy to pay!
  4. K

    Recommendations - 4 Wheel alignment (toe/camber/castor/etc.) Lanarkshire

    Hello folks, does anyone have experience of using a reputable garage for 4 wheel alignment (toe/camber/castor/etc.) in the Lanarkshire area? The hunter machines are usually heralded as the best, but does anyone know of an operator in my area?.. and are they experienced (as I'm of the...
  5. L

    Recommendations - black rear spoiler C63 AMG

    Hi all First time posting, had my white C63 W205 for two weeks today and loving it. I'm looking for experiences/advice re adding a black spoiler/diffuser as I think it would look tasty. Anyone made this mod and where did you source it and whom fitted it? thanks all
  6. paul73mt

    Easy repair?? recommendations for repairs

    I got this on my driver seat and was wondering if its possible to repair and if so could anybody recommend anybody (pref one that's mobile ) I did start to message 'chips away' but didn't finish it Thanks Paul
  7. flowrider

    M113 spark plug recommendations.

    What spark plugs are you using in your M113 engines? I have been on the NGK website and they have 2 options..... Recommended - PFR5G-11 Upgrade - BKR5EIX-11 Not a lot of difference in price. This is for my 2004 R230 SL500. Thanks
  8. S

    Recommendations for Supply/Fit LSD

    Hi all, I've managed to persuade a friend into a W204 C63. We looked hard for a good car with LSD but I'm sorry to say, there's a lot of bad examples so he picked up one without that was a peach. I've never really looked into it as I have a factory LSD on mine so, what are the options...
  9. V

    SMART Indi Recommendations wanted

    Ok its not a Mercedes, but I need a good SMART Indi in and around Berks/Surrey/Oxon. I've got a Brabus SMART Roadster that needs some attention and I'm struggling to find an Indi who specialises in SMARTS in my neck of the woods. Any recommendations? Many thanks
  10. clk320x

    Tyre Pressure recommendations

    Running 36 front , 44 rear. Anyone tried another combination and got good results? 18" alloys Cheers
  11. T

    Indy recommendations in Beds/Herts/Surrounding areas

    Hi All Was hoping to get some recommendations for a good Indy Beds/Herts and Surrounding areas for my W212, already aware of Wayne Gates but just wanted to see what other options there are :) Thanks
  12. clk320x

    Recommendations for wheel alignment/tracking

    Hey guys, My front wheels are wearing un-evenly, have been told I need alignment done... Having the front tyres replaced, but not sure where to have it done, Kwik-fit seem to be fine swapping tyres over but they are s*** at anything else... I really really don't want them messing around...
  13. M

    W210 - recommendations where to buy metallic paint?

    Since the wings on my e320 are well and truly swiss cheese, I picked up a pair of 'platinum plus' wings from carparts4less (a Eurocarparts subsidiary) for £115 delivered, so I figure now's a good time to have a practice at paint spraying :) I've got a nice 14cfm compressor etc so no need to...
  14. D

    Indoor car covers - any recommendations?

    I'm looking for an indoor car cover for my R172 SLK but I'm rather overwhelmed by the choice and price range I want a tailored fit not a generic cover. Any recommendations?
  15. Abb

    Aftermarket Headunit recommendations

    I am assisting my nephew sourcing a aftermarket headunit for his 2009 W209 CLK coupe. The only thing letting the car down is the outdated in car entertainment. I think its possibly an audio 20, but can't be sure, basically a sleek looking unit but very basic with no bells or whistles. He was...
  16. B

    Recommendations please: roofbars for S211?

    I need to buy some roofbars for my newly acquired s211 ( BTW thanks to Angus from this forum for the fantastic buying experience) and would appreciate any recommendations. I will be carrying surfboards. However I need to get 4 on the roof and so I would like to carry 2 sets of 2 side by side...
  17. David404

    Wheel Wax Recommendations

    Will be having wheels refurbished in a couple of weeks, a full tyre off, strip back to bare metal and powder coat job. Looking for recommendations on a wheel wax to apply straight after. Now of only I could make my mind up about the colour, stick with the stock silver, go for the gunmetal...
  18. D

    garage recommendations

    Morning all. Can anybody recommend a decent indie/garage in the Manchester area that could change auto box fluid,filter etc. on a W211 E270 just spoken with local merc dealer and was quoted £335.59p for the job. many thanks kris
  19. gr1nch

    Protective outdoor car covers - advice and recommendations

    I'm looking for a protective cover for my Mercedes (W222). Any makes or models that you can recommend? It has to not scratch the car, be deployable by one person protect from rain, bird droppings, tree sap etc and be easy to clean, eg by hosing off. I'm looking for it to last until we can get...
  20. D

    Alloy wheel refurb recommendations...

    Hi all, I need to get me alloy wheels refurbed back to their original condition. Can anyone recommend where to go please? I'm based in Aylesbury if that makes a difference. The car is a 2015 E63 Saloon. I'll try to upload a photo. As you can see they are two-tone in colour...
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